So you've scheduled your Disney College Program phone interview or are about to. First, let me say, congratulations! You've made it so far in this process. Be proud of yourself.

Back on track now. You're getting ready for your PI (phone interview). You're probably super nervous and worried that you don't know how to study for the most important interview of your life.

Have no fear. We've all been there. These are 8 easy things to remember to have with you as you get ready to answer the call.

1. Your resume

This is important because it has all of your previous work and volunteer experience on it! Your recruiter will probably ask about your previous jobs and employers.

2. Your DCP application

This is super important to have because this is what your recruiter has in front of himself! Review it so that you can make sure you remember what you wrote.

3. A list of your top roles in order

Be sure to order them in case your recruiter asks for your top 3-5 roles!

4. The notes you took in preparation for your interview

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, I filled out my responses to 148 possible questions that the recruiter might ask me. I had all of these questions and answers in front of me, even though I didn't really need them. I remembered all of my answers from when I wrote them down!

5. A pen & paper

If you have free moments, write some notes down. The recruiter may tell you important information which you could write down. If you think of questions that you may have for the recruiter at the end, write those as well.

6. A water bottle

I drank a cup of coffee before my interview, and I'm thankful I had my water. As we all know, coffee tends to coat your throat, which causes a lot of throat clearing and coughing. Keep a water bottle nearby in case you get a tickle in your throat!

7. A phone cord

Phones are unpredictable. Don't rely on your battery lasting, and don't rely on your cell service always working. Keep a phone cord nearby in case you have to plug it in before or during your interview.

8. Something Disney or Mickey themed

This will remind you what you're competing for. I wore a Mickey Mouse ring, and every time I glanced at it, I smiled because I remembered who I'd be working for if I got accepted!

These are all the things that I had in front of me during my phone interview! I felt more prepared because of each of these things. I highly suggest using the 148 possible questions, copying them down in a Word document, and then filling out your personal answers to each question. It made my interview flow so much smoother than if I had not prepared this way.

Best of luck to everyone applying!

Have a magical day! °o°