The 8 Stages of Playing HQ
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The 8 Stages of Playing HQ

If you are a HQutie, I am sure you can relate.

The 8 Stages of Playing HQ
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Vine’s founders are making a comeback with HQ, a live trivia game show app with cash prizes. This game can be played at 9 p.m. every day and 3 p.m. on weekdays. Anyone who selects the correct answer to 12 multiple-choice questions splits a cash prize. Players have ten seconds to answer these questions that increase in difficulty.

For those of you HQuties out there, you understand the stress and excitement of playing HQ. You know that when the clock strikes three or nine, you stop whatever you are doing to play this addicting game show. For those of you who have not played this game yet, thankfully, a game show expert can explain the process of playing HQ.

1. It's Game Time

At three or nine, players get notified it is almost game time. A rush of excitement spreads throughout your body, and you convince yourself you are going to win this time. You quickly open the app, and watch the clock tick down to game time. For some, you frantically take out headphones. For others, you gather in a group to play with friends. As soon as you hear the countdown from 5, you know its game time.

2. Panic Due to Lag

After the introductory HQ video, the host Scott Rogowsky pops on the screen and explains the rules of the game. He continuously spews about random things, and all of a sudden the app starts to lag. Naturally, you panic and hope this gets resolved before the game starts.

3. I've Got This

The app stops lagging, and its game time. The first question is displayed, you are relieved by the easiness of the question. You click the answer with plenty of seconds to spare. The answer is revealed, and you now are 11 questions away from winning the prize.

4. Take a Wild Guess

The first few questions are typically easier than the rest. However, there comes a point where guessing skills are put to the test. You read a question and panic, so you select a random choice. The waiting between clicking the answer and hearing the correct choice feels like forever.

5. I Am Going to Win The Entire Thing

Finally, Scott starts talking about the different answer choices. He reveals the answer choice you guessed was the correct answer. You are feeling really confident and feel as if you can win the entire thing. You start to think about what you are going to purchase with your money.

6. Angry

The next question comes along, and your luck is tested again with another hard question. You guess again, but this time you are no longer invincible. Occasionally, you panic and may click the wrong answer, or for some, you even forget to click an answer. Ultimately losing HQ is a very upsetting and mood-changing occurrence.

7. Disbelief

After you lose, you decide to stay on to watch the next question. Obviously, this next question and easier than the one before, and you knew you would have gotten it right.

8. Okay, I Am Over It. I Will Win Tomorrow.

Finally, when the game is over, you get over losing this round of HQ. You have come to accept this loss and realize you can still play tomorrow.

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