8 Lessons Rupi Kaur's Poems Taught Me
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8 Lessons Rupi Kaur's Poems Taught Me

Rupi Kaur is empowering and blunt in all the right ways.

8 Lessons Rupi Kaur's Poems Taught Me

Rupi Kaur is famous for her book of poetry "Milk and Honey," and her newest book is called "The Sun and Her Flowers." After receiving a degree in rhetoric studies, she published her first collection of poems in 2014. She is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of her two collections of poetry — she started drawing at age five.

With "Milk and Honey" Rupi shows readers parts of her life that are very real and this journey takes readers through some of the worst moments and sweetest moments in life. Rupi makes readers see that even in the worst times there is still hope and joy.

Rupi is constantly on an artistic journey, and her incredible work has been read by millions. So, here are some of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur.

1. Rupi's "Outlook" on life taught me to look past my life being a mess at times to see the beauty in every day

2. This year, someone tried to come back into my life after we already establish we were over and this made me realize that it's okay to tell someone that they're too late

3. Rupi Kaur is powerful and so are women

Rupi's ideas about women and culture make me open my eyes to the world.

4. I used to think I was crazy because of my feelings and now I think differently

5. I need to appreciate the times when nothing was perfect

I've thought a lot about closure lately and my relationship with myself — I know now that I have trouble with letting things just be and I'm working appreciating everything in my life (even the past.)

6. I realized this year that I can learn from every mistake or experience

One of the many reasons I love Rupi is her true honestly in all forms.

7. Closure takes time and I need to learn when it let go

8. The sun can always shine even when it's raining

Not only are sunflowers my favorite, but Rupi Kaur is my favorite.

Rupi Kaur's first book was self-published in November 2014. The self-published edition quickly topped charts and the success lead to Andrews McMeel publishing releasing in October of 2015. Rupi Kaur is not just relatable but empowering and blunt in all the right ways — this isn't the last you'll see of her incredible writing.

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