8 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The 8 Days of Passover
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8 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The 8 Days of Passover

Food deprived and matzo filled

8 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The 8 Days of Passover
The Science of Eating

I'm just going to say what everyone is already thinking—our ancestors want us to starve. Between Yom Kippur and Passover, our people in the Biblical Era clearly had an aversion to food. While Yom Kippur is an entirely grueling 24 hours of emaciation, it is still only one-eighth of the length of Passover. But, I have to hand it to us, we have certainly become quite creative in the Passover food department. There is an array of dry cakes, cookies and cereals that will definitely make you consider doing an eight day rendition of Yom Kippur, and of course the classic matzo-pizza that crumbles as soon as it makes contact with your teeth.

Hopefully, for all of you out there, hungry and backed up with enough matzo to feed a small village, these GIFs will help you find solace in the fact that you are not alone.

Day One:

'Twas the afternoon before Passover and no bread was safe. It is your personal mission to stuff as much bread as humanly possible before the matzo plague commences.

Day Two:

It has been 12 hours since your last bite of bread and Seder number two is fast approaching. Hunger is setting in.

Day Three:

You can barely see out of the window behind the boxes of matzo blocking your vision. You’re in your own personal cage built entirely out of a dry, flavorless piece of cardboard your ancestors tried to pass off as a cracker.

Day Four:

You’re running out of creative ways to make matzo taste like edible food. Tensions are running high in your house; chances of survival seem slim.

Day Five:

You reflect on the happy days when bread was a possibility. You hit yourself for ever turning down a slice in efforts to cut your carbs. "You don’t want what you got until it’s gone."

Day Six:

After dodging social engagements in fear of losing control over the bread basket on the table, you decide it’s time to leave your matzo prison and venture out into the real world. Your waiter brings over an extra stack of napkins to help control the pool of saliva that has dribbled down your chin as you stare at your friend’s beautifully constructed, fluffy, chewy, delectable sandwich.

Day Seven:

The end is near. Salvation is possible. Bread is in your future.

Day Eight:

The sun has set and Passover has officially passed over us. Bask in the glory of bread. Let thy flavors seep into your taste buds. Never take real food for granted ever again. Amen.

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