8 Documentaries On Netflix That Will Make You Feel Some Type Of Way
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8 Documentaries On Netflix That Will Make You Feel Some Type Of Way

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8 Documentaries On Netflix That Will Make You Feel Some Type Of Way

Calling all nerds who like to learn for fun! Documentaries are a great way to learn about issues you never knew about before or to get detailed information on a subject without having to read a book. One of Netflix's hidden gems is their Documentary section which includes films on criminals, musicians, nature, food, and everything in between. So, next time you're looking for something to binge watch, try checking out a few of these noteworthy films.

1. 13th

This documentary explores the connection between mass incarceration and race in the U.S. prison system. It suggests that slavery, which is prohibited in the 13th amendment, has found a loophole to exist by criminalizing behavior that is primarily committed by minority communities.

2. Amanda Knox

After her roommate was found murdered inside their apartment in Perugia, Italy, Amanda Knox was investigated and later charged with the crime. She was later acquitted of all charges but many people still question whether or not she's guilty. This film includes footage of Knox's own explanation of what happened as well as a convincing argument against her. After the credits roll, you'll still be left wondering "What really happened to Meredith Kercher?"

3. Food, Inc.

If you've ever wondered where your food really comes from, then you should definitely watch this documentary. The creators uncover the secrets factory farming and the corporations who are in charge of the food industry try to hide. It will make you question everything you put in your body and might even make you change your eating habits.

4. The History of the Eagles

And no, I don't mean the football team. This three hour long film includes some amazing footage from the 1970's, 80's, and beyond of the band that brought us "Hotel California" and "Take It Easy". The ups and downs the members experience are raw and real. Fair warning though: there's a strong chance you will want to drop out of school and start a rock band after watching this.

5. Endless Summer

An oldie but a goodie. Filmed in 1966, this documentary follows two surfers who chase summer around the world for an entire year in search of the best waves. If you're sick of all this cold and rainy weather, watch this film and pretend you're lounging on a sunny, warm beach in the tropics.

6. Spotlight

Technically this is a docudrama, but its based on true events so it's making my list. In 2002, The Boston Globe's "Spotlight" team published an investigative report about the mass covering of child sex abuse within the Catholic church that had been going on involving around 90 priests in the Boston area alone. This film, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2015, shows some of the most inspiring work ever done by investigative journalists and will keep you hooked until the very end. If that's not enough reason to watch, it features a star studded cast including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Rachel McAdams.

7. Making a Murderer

This Netflix original documentary series tells the story of Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The series shows the questionable workings of the law enforcement in Wisconsin that lead to Avery's conviction as well as what made him the perfect scape goat. Nearly two years after his was released from jail, Avery gets charged with the murder of a local photographer and is put away again. The question of whether or not Avery is guilty is not answered in the series, but you are given enough information to decide for yourself.

8. Inside Job

The 2008 stock market crash financially devastated millions of American's and changed the way many look at big banking. This film includes interviews from economists who analyzed the aftermath, experts who predicted it, and the people who contributed to the downfall of the economy. Even if you have no background on the subject, the creators explain what went wrong in great detail so you won't get lost a long the way. Although this one can't be found on Netflix, you can access it online for free here.

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