7 Things I WON'T Miss About My First Year In College
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7 Things I WON'T Miss About My First Year In College

It's FINALLY over!

7 Things I WON'T Miss About My First Year In College
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As my first year of college comes to a close, it has given me time to reflect on the many memories and experiences I have created, both positive and negative. I’ve also been able to look back on how much my lifestyle has become altered, and having to adjust to a completely different environment than what I’m used to.

Several of these adjustments have not been easy, and there are MANY parts of college life that I could never become accustomed to liking. As I prepare to move out for the summer, I can think of quite a few parts of this school year that I won’t miss over the summer, or as the fall semester begins.

1. The dorms

While experiencing dorm life is a unique part of coming into college, it isn’t the most glamorous time. There are many setbacks; see below for an example.

2. The showers INSIDE the dorms

Even after they’ve been cleaned, they’re still not clean. Shower shoes are a must, and you only have so much space to move around! And let’s not forget the constant fear of being caught in the middle of a fire alarm and having to go outside in nothing but a towel.

3. Having to share a room

All my life, I’ve grown up having my own room, not having to share a single bit of space. I could have everything laid out the way I wanted, with as much space as I wanted! College put a temporary stop to that luxury. While I have a great roommate, and our living situation hasn’t hit any bumps, I still miss walking into a space that is mine and mine alone. Thank God for single bedroom apartments in the years to come!

4. The 3 A.M. fire alarms

Ah yes, quite the surprise when we had our first one just three days after moving in. Twenty-six fire alarms later, I am beyond done. If all goes well, the upperclassmen will be a little more careful next year.

5. Having to say “I’m a freshman” to every new person I meet

Being at the bottom of the food chain once again felt like a huge smack in the head. ‘Sophomore’ is at least a baby step up from ‘freshman’, and in the years to come, we keep moving forward!

6. Walking across campus in the sweltering heat and bitterly cold weather

Thankfully, all of my fall semester classes are around the apartments I will be living in. For the entirety of my freshman year, I’ve had to walk up, down, and all around campus to the various buildings my classes were held in. A PSA: early September and the middle of January aren’t the best times to be doing this.

7. Gen Eds

As a Journalism major, being forced to take a science lab and math course to graduate wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. Now that these first two semesters have been filled to the brim with gen eds, all future classes will be in relation to what I’m studying! Bring it on!

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