7 Ways to Make Your Summer Productive
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7 Ways to Make Your Summer Productive

Don't waste your summer days away

7 Ways to Make Your Summer Productive

While I’m at school, I always have a million things to do. Between slaving over papers, finishing projects, and somehow trying to still attend the absurd number of meetings I have a day, I rarely find the time to sit back and focus on bettering myself. This semester has tired me out beyond belief, but it’s the final stretch now. There’s only three finals between me and a calm, relaxing summer. In all honesty, for most of my breaks, I sit around doing a whole lot of nothing. The only thing I get done is a season of whatever show I’m watching at the time, but this year, I want to change that. I’ve got 4 months of summer, and I want to make them count. Summer is always the perfect time to relax by the pool or the beach, but I want to do more than just that. I want to pick up new hobbies, form healthier habits, travel to new places, and much more. In short, I want to be a more productive person this summer, and this is how I plan to do it.

1. Going to the gym

I try to go to the gym every day at school but with the amount of homework I have, I’ve been slacking. Focusing on academics is great, but sometimes I need to remind myself that so is focusing on being healthy. I’ve set a million fitness goals this year that I haven’t quite reached yet, and I want to use this summer to achieve them. Bikini body, here I come.

2. Picking up a new hobby

I’ve realized recently that other than my casual weekly dance classes, I haven’t really picked up a hobby at school that do purely for enjoyment. As a student, I have become so focused on my work that sometimes I forget about letting myself do new things just for fun. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument or picking up art, it is incredibly productive to pick up a new hobby, even though it isn’t something you receive a grade or payment for.

3. Improving my diet

Let’s be honest, college students eat horribly. I try so hard to eat salads for dinner and drink lots of water, but I usually always end up with a plate full of cheese fries and a glass of pop when I go to the caf. I try eating healthy, but in the midst of a stressful semester, I need comfort foods. And let’s face it, salad will NEVER be a comfort food. Despite working 5 days a week this summer, I will have a lot less stress weighing me down. I’ll only have to focus on my internship, so maybe I won’t pass up those salads for dinner over the next few months.

4. Traveling

This probably sounds like the most cliché way to spend my time, but traveling is the easiest while you’re young. I may have a busy summer ahead of me, but I still definitely plan on making time to see the world, even if I’m just traveling a few states over.

5. Visiting museums

I probably sound like a nerd when I say this, but I LOVE museums. They’re the best way to learn new things without the stress of school. Personally, I’m the kind of person who always wants to keep learning, and by visiting museums, I can do that while still having fun.

6. Learning a new language

This is not something I’m very proud of, but currently, I only speak English. I have friends who were born in different countries who are bi- and tri-lingual, and here I am in the U.S., only knowing my own native language. I hate the make this a political statement, but the U.S. has some catching up to do with learning languages in comparison to the rest of the world. As someone who values communication, I think learning a new language would be the perfect way to spend my summer.

7. Participate in a community service project

I’m not going to lie, I have spent so many summer days in the past laying out on my lawn, wondering what on earth to do with all my free time. Instead of spending my days getting sunburnt, this year, I plan to give back. The school year is usually too busy for me to consistently volunteer, but the summer is the perfect time to pay it forward.

So these are just a few ways I plan to make my summer the best one yet. What do you plan to do to make your summer productive?

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