Finals Week is upon many of colleges across the US. Good-bye to sleep, calmness, and our social lives as we dive into the weeks before Summer Break. Over the course of the past three years I've had many Finals Week stories; falling asleep in the lab, skipping class, and so forth. But in my time of struggles I've learned a few ways to survive!


Okay, who made Quizlet? Please stand up because you are a savior! Look, Quizlet is the holy grail. Just start searching classes and I promise you that there will be a study guide for your specific class.

2. Those three-hour long relaxing music compilation videos on YouTube with the stock photos.

You know what I'm talking about. "4 Hours of Relaxing Harmonica Music with 4K Fire (Free Download)" Okay, that one is made up but there are tons out there! This particular one is my favorite.

3. Medium roast coffee

I'm not really sure why medium roast is like the go-to coffee but I heard drinking copious amounts of this will you keep up for hours. Sugar and cream helps too. But yeah, from personal experience this one is great.But hey, coffee does mean extra bathroom runs. Fair warning.

4. Treadmill or other cardio related equipment.

So I know it is frustrating to work out when you have like seven finals to study for but listen, it feels so good to let out that frustration! You don't have to lift weights or go ham but a quick walk really does help!

5. Any progressive rock album ever.

Maybe it's the lyrics or the time signatures... I don't know progressive rock is my go-to genre for studying. Rush, Tool, King Crimson, Opeth are all great choices. "Signals" by Rush would be my recommendation.

6. Studying for history class? Try a historical TV show or movie!

This was actually something my history professor recommended years ago! If you want to get a better understanding of life during a certain time period just look up related movies or shows. Yeah, they aren't going to give you straight facts but it will paint a picture for you. Plus, you can take a break from reading! But listen, the first 10 minutes of "The Tudors" are awkward so be prepared (uncomfortable laughing).

7. If you are moving out a dorm just pack everything up at the beginning of the week. Trust me.

I learned this as a Freshmen living in the dorm and I've done this multiple times. The weekend before finals I would start packing everything up. My Mom would come up, it was only an hour drive, and take everything I didn't need. Sometimes I would have no sheets on the bed, just a TV, and a few outfits but at least I got out of my dorm fast! I don't have to worry about signing out of dorms anymore but for my homies still doing time...