7 Things to Add to Your Hair Care Routine
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7 Things to Add to Your Hair Care Routine

Do you constantly wish you could get the same results at home that your hairstylist achieves at the salon? You may need to use the right products for your hair to get that luscious, voluminous look.

7 Things to Add to Your Hair Care Routine


Do you constantly wish you could get the same results at home that your hairstylist achieves at the salon? You may need to use the right products for your hair to get that luscious, voluminous look.

Adding these seven items to your hair care routine can help keep your scalp cleaner, your ends soft, and protect strands from damaging heat tools. Plus, Nutrafol reviews conclude that supplementing your diet with specifically formulated botanicals can fight hair loss from the inside out.

1.Start at the Scalp with Cleansing Shampoo

The first part of any solid hair care routine is a shampoo that will leave your hair feeling clean from root to tip. Before reaching for a bottle that smells nice, consider your particular scalp and hair type.

If you have an oily scalp, you’ll want to use a cleansing or clarifying shampoo to help break up the build-up on your scalp. For those with a dryer scalp, you’ll want to avoid shampoos with sulfates, as this could aggravate your dry skin.

Once you determine your scalp type, you’ll want to narrow your options further by choosing a volumizing shampoo for fine hair or an ultra-moisturizing shampoo for thick curly hair to lock in hydration and fight off frizz.

2.Add An Exfoliating Brush for a Deeper Clean

Ever wish you could recreate the experience of having your stylist wash your hair at home? There is something so deliciously indulgent about having someone get in there and give your scalp a deep clean. Adding an exfoliating brush to your hair care routine can bring that deep clean to your showers at home.

Dump your shampoo on the silicon bristles and gently massage your scalp as you lather your head and hair with shampoo. The brush feels exquisite, and exfoliating your scalp can help stimulate hair growth and prevent dandruff.

3.Use Conditioner to Lock in Moisture

Once your hair is squeaky clean, you must lock in hydration to keep your locks looking luscious. While you want to start with your scalp when choosing a shampoo, you’ll want to look to your tips to determine which conditioner is best for you.

Those with finer hair should again look for keywords like volumizing to add moisture to ends without weighing hair down. Those with thicker or curly hair should look for adjectives like hydrating and moisturizing to fight frizz and promote smooth, shiny hair.

Pro tip: Apply conditioner to your hair from tip to top, and avoid applying too much to your scalp, as this could cause hair to get greasy or fall flat faster.

4.Deep Conditioning Treatments are a Must

Heat styling tools, color treatments, daily sun exposure, and more can do a number on your hair. Deep conditioning treatments can help repair dry, brittle, or damaged hair. In addition to a well-formulated shampoo and conditioning routine, a deep conditioning treatment can help repair years of damage by restoring elasticity.

Even if your hair is healthy, luscious, and soft, using a deep conditioning hair mask once a month can help prevent future damage. Those with dry, brittle, or damaged hair can achieve results faster by using weekly.

5.Never Skip the Heat Protectant

Don’t just play catch up with deep conditioning treatments. Even with deep conditioning treatments, heat tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons will continue to damage your hair. Take your hair care routine further, and always use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair.

Heat protectants create a barrier between your fragile hair and the hot styling tool. You can find heat protectants that work on wet or dry hair and help you achieve voluminous curls or silky straight hair.

6.Keep Your Hair Fresh Between Washes with Dry Shampoo

If you have oily or greasy hair, you may be tempted to get in the shower and scrub your scalp with shampoo daily. It may seem counterintuitive, but fight the urge! Overwashing your hair can cause your scalp to produce more oil, meaning the more often you wash, the quicker your hair looks greasy.

Dry shampoo can help extend hair’s freshness between wash days. While dry shampoo won’t cleanse your scalp, it will absorb excess oils leaving your hair looking lighter. It can also add texture to find hair and extend styles like curls or blowouts.

7.Get Longer, Stronger, Thicker Hair from the Inside Out with Nutrafol

When examining your current hair care routine, you’re probably considering what goes on your hair, but to achieve thick healthy hair, you also need to consider what goes in your body. If you struggle with hair thinning, Nutrafol supplements can help you fight stress from the inside out and promote hair growth.

Unlike traditional topical products which combat hair thinning, Nutrafol uses a proprietary blend of botanical extracts to promote hair health from within. They have blends specifically formulated for men, women, and women undergoing menopause. Nutrafol reviews conclude that hair already looks healthier after three months, and many find more scalp coverage after the six-month mark.

Now that you know which seven things you need in your hair care routine, you can start shopping for the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo for your particular hair. Hopefully, the hair care aisle wherever you shop feels less stressful. And if you need to fight hair loss, consider supplementing your diet with Nutrafol.

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