7 Things You Should Have In Your Car As A Commuter Student
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Student Life

7 Things You Should Have In Your Car As A Commuter Student

In Case Life Happens

7 Things You Should Have In Your Car As A Commuter Student
via Sabrina Sanchez

Every university campus that offers residency has a distinct group of students—non-residential students (AKA commuters). Though there is no shame in living at home, commuting presents a challenge. Unlike the residential student, for the commuter, being and doing on campus has some obstacles.

Some things just may not be as easily accessible once they’re on campus, or staying late could be a problem because they have to go home. They can’t just literally roll out of bed and be in class in five minutes. However, obstacle does not mean impossible. There are ways to make things a little bit easier for the commuter student, as long as they carry these seven things:

1. An umbrella

As a commuter, once you’re on your way to campus, it’s not as easy for you to run back inside and grab a hoodie or an umbrella if it starts to rain. You don’t want to be that person that walks out of their car with a really cute outfit or hair freshly done only to walk into class from the parking lot soaked head to toe. And sure, I’m sure you’re probably thinking you can always buy an umbrella at the university bookstore, and that is always an option (if you’re willing to spend 20 dollars you weren’t planning on spending that day).

2. Extra snacks/beverages

A lot of your time as a commuter is spent in the car, and when you’re doing all that driving you never know where you might end up (and if there’s food there). Maybe you decided to do work in the library and leave a little later, but its rush hour, you’re starving, and you’re stuck in traffic. Or perhaps you overslept and had no time to run and grab breakfast before class. Or maybe you and your friends decided to hang out somewhere new, you offered to drive, and now you’ve been driving around for two hours, lost. Whatever the situation, if you keep a secret stash in your trunk or your glove compartment, you can survive another day to tell the tale.

3. Toiletries

Whether it’s because the winter has your skin dried out and you need to moisturize or you did a lot of exercise and need a shower in your friend’s room, always carry travel sized toiletries in your car along with a towel. You never know when you need to freshen up and don’t have time to go home, or you might need them if you’re just going to spend the night. Either way, keep prepared.

4. Extra pair of clothes + underwear (dressy and casual)

Let’s say you forgot there was a job fair today, or maybe you need more comfortable clothing for a club activity. No worries! You don’t need to panic and ask your resident friends if they’re your size. If for whatever reason you’re not dressed for the occasion, keeping an extra set of clothes in your car, both dressy and casual, can just about save the day. And again, you never know when you just might sleep over. It’s always good to be prepared.

5. Air mattress

These last three are all intended for the occasion in which you need to crash on campus. Maybe its finals week and you feel like it’s a good idea to study for 24 hours. Library’s open that long, so why not? Just inflate one of these and take naps in 20-minute intervals. You don’t even have to go far to reboot! Plus, it’s not necessary to carry a ridiculously large one. At any Target or Walmart, you can get a twin-sized air mattress, just big enough just for your sleeping needs.

6. Bed sheets + warm blanket

Maybe it’s just snowing harder than in the North Pole outside and you deemed conditions unsafe for you to drive or simply commute home by any means. This is not a napping situation so you have to make sure you have the necessary tools to stay warm and sleep comfortably in a friend’s room with that air mattress. Unless you’re comfortable sleeping on a plain air mattress without a way to keep warm, or sleeping on a cold floor, or sharing a twin-sized bed with your friend, don’t forget these.

7. Mini pillow

This one just goes along with the other two. No one likes stiff necks from spending a pillowless night, and your friend might not always have an extra. A mini pillow is the perfect travel size you can fit anywhere. You’ve made it this far.

Though carrying these items may seem like a lot to keep stored in the back of your car if you drive to campus, many of these can be relatively small and take up little space. If you pack neatly enough, all of these items may fit in one medium sized box that you just tuck away in your trunk.

Commuters spend just as much time on campus as everyone else, and so the need to be prepared for any situation in which going back home seems too difficult is crucial. Walking back to your dorm for any necessities is not a luxury for commuters, but having the comfort of knowing there is a quick solution to your problem nearby doesn’t have to be impossible. With just a few of these items, commuters can have (somewhat) the same comfort as residents, and a lot of stress, frustration, and gas money can be saved.

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