7 Black Fashion Designers You Should Know
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7 Black Fashion Designers You Should Know

Black Excellence in Artistic Form

7 Black Fashion Designers You Should Know

Fashion has always been a form of expression. It has the potential to mirror what we feel, and who we are. For minorities, fashion has been especially important, because often times, it has been so different than the trends in the majority group. Specifically talking about Black Americans, fashion has been a tool to highlight heritage, break boundaries of societal expectations, and merge traditional aesthetics with the new.

These seven amazing men and women are few of many talented people of color designers.They have left their distinct mark on the fashion world, and for many of them, are just getting started.

1. Russel Simmons -- Phat Farm

Russel Simmons has been a multi-talented mogul since the early 90's with interests in music and fashion. His brand Phat Farm was founded in 1992, and can be seen as a major step in representing urban black fashion in the mainstream fashion world.

2. Tracy Reese -- Tracy Reese

With an education from the renowned Parsons School of Design, Detroit native Tracy Reese has been designing for over 15 years. Worn notoriously by Michelle Obama, Tracy Reese has also been worn by Ciara, Kelly Rowland and Gabrielle Union. She masterfully mixes prints and silhouettes to give her lines a distinct aesthetic.

3. Olivier Rousteing -- Balmain

Balmain is a top name in the high fashion world, worn by Jourdan Dunn, Kim Kardashian West, and Beyonce. Rousteing hails from France, and it is there he also obtained his design education and his style. Getting his start working with Roberto Cavalli, he then became creative director for Balmain in 2011, at just 24 years old.

4. Dexter and Byron Peart -- Want

These twin brothers from Canada specialize in leather made goods like impeccably made shoes, luggage, and other men's wear. Their products can be found on the websites and in the stores of high-end retailers like Barneys New York.

5. Marc Hare -- Mr. Hare

Cool-guy shoe designer Marc Hare's brand was born out of a need for "better" shoes. He created his brand in the 2000s and with fans including A$AP Rocky and Robert Downy Jr. (as well as being a kick-ass designer, of course) his brand has been gaining momentum and popularity. He will debut his first clothing line in Spring/Summer 2016.

6. Carly Cushnie -- Cushnie Et Ochs

Along with her partner and fellow designer Michelle Ochs, Cushnie Et Ochs breathed new life into women's wear when their brand arrived on the fashion scene in 2008. The designers "combine[s] a bold sensuality with a raw feminine attitude that is confidently understated and luxuriously modern." which appeals to many contemporary fashionistas.

7. Kerby Jean-Raymond -- Pyer Moss

A relatively new brand, started in 2013, Jean-Raymond describes his clothing as "Luxury Sportswear" He designs "menswear," but has a style you could call mostly androgynous, featuring both male and female models in his runway shows. His website features beautiful look books of his most recent work.

These designers help to make "Black Excellence" tangible with their variety of style and of craft. We can be sure that in the future, these designers will continue to do great things, and give rise to the next generation of talented Black designers.

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