7 Bands That HAPPEN To Be Fronted By Badass Women
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7 Bands That HAPPEN To Be Fronted By Badass Women

Just enjoy the music.

7 Bands That HAPPEN To Be Fronted By Badass Women

I've always been a little bit baffled by the decision of marketing and record label executives in the music industry making such a big deal to highlight the fact that a band is "female-fronted" in bios, interviews and the like. Girls in bands should not have to be marketed differently based on their gender and/or sex alone. The music should speak for itself.

That said, here are some of my favorite bands which HAPPEN to have badass frontwomen.

(Quick note: the videos I embed in this article will be my favorite songs from each respective band)

1. Paramore

The inclusion of this band, in particular, shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me or reads my posts, but they more than merit a mention on this list, because of Hayley Willams's continued insistence that Paramore is a band, NOT a solo act. If you want superb songwriting, a killer live experience, and catchy as hell genre-neutral music, these guys are your ticket.


This Canadian blend of indie rock and synth-pop is infectious. The band was formed in 1998 in Toronto by Emily Haines and James Shaw, who were joined by Josh Winstead and Joules Scott Key in 2001. METRIC is probably best known for the film "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," in which a cover of their song "Black Sheep" is performed.

3. Best Coast

I was unaware of this duo until they opened up for Paramore on the first leg of their North American tour, but now they are in heavy rotation. Bethany Cosentino and Bobby Bruno make undeniably beautiful music together, mixing 1960's pop and grunge rock.

4. Chvrches

This Scottish import makes music which borrows from indie pop, synth pop, and electronica. Lauren Mayberry and her bandmates are releasing a new album, "Love is Dead," on Friday, March 30th.

5. Icon For Hire

This is the band that inspired me to make this list, and specifically their song "Now You Know." Thier story is an odd one: they are a pop-metal independent band who used to be signed to Tooth & Nail, a Christan label. They are currently on tour and play the Masquerade on March 31st.


Purveyors of dark beat heavy rock with deep lyrics and electronic elements out of Lowell, Massachusetts, Lynn Gun and her associates are a recent discovery, but I love them all the same.

7. Teegan & Sara

These identical twin sisters from Canada form a supremely talented rock-folk duo who are still relevant and making great music for 23 years.

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