7 Accomplishments And Careers I Wanted To Pursue As A Kid
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7 Accomplishments And Careers I Wanted To Pursue As A Kid

Cheers to the dreamers

7 Accomplishments And Careers I Wanted To Pursue As A Kid
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As kids we grow up thinking of becoming different things because we are influenced by things we see or hear or learn. I grew up wanting to be many things, one day i would want to be an astronaut, the other day a sumo wrestler, another day an angel and another a bird. this sense of adventure never left and some of those dreams are still here, I wanted to share a few of those dreams that I keep close.

1. �Write a hit or a bestseller

As a writer and a poet, it would be a great stepping stone to write a song that would become a hit or a novel that would be a bestseller and have many readers obsess over it as I have obsessed over many great books. While it is definitely hard to write something, I can sense it in my heart that I am destined for something great and well, my younger self never dreamed small, did she?

2. Learn how to hack

Hacking has been on my radar ever since I learned of the wonderful computing world. call me a nerd or a freak but as a prankster, it would be great to mess up with my friends' laptop by doing a little something called hacking and the only way to do that is by learning how to hack, its truly a great weapon. you can even taking a notch farther and hack places like the pentagon if you want, haha totally kidding on that one.

3. Learn how to fly a plane

I grew up thinking birds had it easy and at a certain age I began wanting to be a pilot. I think a bird's eye view of the world is the greatest way to see planet earth and the closest thing we as humans will have to having the total freedom and control as birds' do in the sky.

4. Learn different languages

As a multilingual, I want to expand my knowledge by learning more languages; Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and as many languages I can fit in my head. I think learning a language gives us an opportunity to learn more about that country and knowlege of the culture- an understanding he world lacks at times.

5. Get a Nobel Prize

Getting a Nobel prize in one's lifetime means they have accomplished something that advanced humanity. Whether is extinguishing poverty, accomplishing peace, eradicating sexism and racism or any sort of discrimination, or resolving the climate conditions, there are a lot that need to happen to improve the world. While I am not sure yet as to what I am going to help my fellow earth citizen with or how I am going to advance or make life easier on this planet; I look forward to discovering what is it I can help the world with thus making my younger self proud.

6. Let NASA use my discoveries

As a scientist, you know you've hit the jackpot when you get a call or an email saying that NASA would like to take a look at your latest discovery or invention; imagine getting to sell them so that NASA can use them! I will know I have done well when I get that call from NASA, as will my younger self. Maybe a time machine would be appropriate to transport me back in time and give myself a high five for dreaming big.

7. Invent a time machine

As something that has been present in many sci-fi movies and on many kids' minds as they grew up, it would be phenomenally great to finally build a time machine. I admit, tempering with mother nature is dangerous but danger never stopped scientists or me. So I will stay quiet about the details but hope you are there to applaud me when I finally build the devices that have left many inventors wondering.

If you share any of my future career achievements, kudos to you, you're a nerd and a dreamer. High-five!!

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