6 Reasons Why "Bob's Burgers" Is A Must Watch
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6 Reasons Why "Bob's Burgers" Is A Must Watch

This golden show is one of the most entertaining television shows currently airing.

6 Reasons Why "Bob's Burgers" Is A Must Watch

The current animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers" is perhaps the best show currently on Fox. Starring H. John Benjamin as Bob , Dan Mintz as Tina, Eugene Mirman as Gene, John Roberts as Linda and Kristen Schaal as Louise. The plot is that the family owns a burger restaurant and about their lives. The original premise was that the family were cannibals selling human meat as burgers, but this was changed during production. This change made the show what it is today. At a glance, the show looks like the quality would be low. When you actually watch an episode, you will be blown away on how it is written. Every episode is golden. The Belchers are the best family on television and this is why you should check the show out if you already don't watch.

1. The Belcher children

Tina, Gene and Louise have different high jinks and adventures each episode. From stealing chocolate from a kitchen on a train to selling ambergris found on the beach illegally without their parents knowing what they are up to. Each of the children have their quirks that get them in trouble. It's never a boring day at the restaurant their dad owns. Each child has a different personality and they stick together as a family.

2. The Burger of the day

Bob likes to get creative with puns for the burger of the day. Each episode has a different special, and when episodes are over a few days it changes.

3.The puns

Stores in their town have different puns to what they sell. The store beside the restaurant change during the opening credits each episode, along with the exterminator van.

4. The family dynamic

Each of the family members love each other dearly, and this is clearly shown in the writing. When a family member makes a joke, they all laugh instead of trying to outdo each other with their own one liners. Bob and Linda will do anything for their kids. This includes being involved in their kids antics and enjoying themselves.

5. The humor

Each episodes has subtle jokes that are noticed during re-watches that you may have missed the first time. Also the show will make references to multiple things in popular culture and use this to their advantage. Sometimes the burger of the day will have the references.

6. Tina

Tina alone makes some of the episodes hilarious. She was originally going to be a son of Bob and Linda but this was changed and the voice actor remained for the character. Her awkwardness with obsession to butts and zombies makes her character gold.

Bob's Burgers is hilarious and will become your next binge watch online. It is going to have it's seventh season this fall. Bob'd Burgers has no end in sight, and should be checked out by anyone.

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