6 Popular Game Of Thrones Theories That Are Actually Possible
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6 Popular Game Of Thrones Theories That Are Actually Possible

Beware: Spoilers ahead!

6 Popular Game Of Thrones Theories That Are Actually Possible

With a stunning count of 26 Emmys under its belt (12 of which were just this year), "Game of Thrones" has proven to be one of the greatest shows of its time. As an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's popular novel series "A Song of Ice And Fire," the HBO series has paved a way for the new generation of epic fantasies. With its sixth season premiering next year, "Game of Thrones" has begun to have its own shape; having already out-written the timeline of the book series, the writers and producers have begun to take the series into their own hands, leaving its viewers unable to remotely predict what might happen next. Due to this, fans have been left to speculate theories during the intermission between seasons, and this comes with two different types: really crazy ones, and ones that are actually pretty plausible.

1. R + L = J

Quite possibly the most popular fan-theory, Jon Snow's parents are surrounded by a shroud of mystery. While the show leads you to think that he's a bastard of Ned Stark, many have been lead to believe that isn't even true. During the show, it's revealed that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark had a thing, and many people are starting to predict that Jon Snow is their lovechild—and that before Lyanna's death, she asked her brother Ned to raise her son. There's also the fact that, while the other Stark children closely resemble their mother's features, Arya and Jon are the two that are said to resemble each other the closest. Arya is commonly described as having Lyanna's features. Along with that, when the Stark children found their famous direwolf pups, Jon's pup, Ghost, was stark white: a color often associated with the Targaryens, and also shows his separation from the other children. While this still hasn't been proven—or even hinted at—there are dozens pieces of evidence that support this theory.

2. Tyrion Targaryen

Tyrion is introduced as the "monster" of the Lannister family—the outcast, the feared one; his dwarfism is viewed as horrific, and he has been the butt of all jokes his entire life. His siblings and even his own father chastise him constantly, with Tywin even saying that Tyrion is "no son of mine." Ser Barristan even says that the Mad King Aerys lusted after the Lannister mother, Joanna, for years:

"Prince Aerys ... as a youth, he was taken with [Joanna]. When she and Tywin wed, your father drank too much wine at the wedding feast and was heard to say that it was a great pity that the lord’s right to the first night had been abolished."

Along with this, Tyrion is frequently said to display some of the tell-tale qualities of the Targaryens: pale blonde hair that is almost silver rather than gold, one green eye and one black eye, as well as his fascination with dragons. While this theory isn't completely plausible, it's possible—as one of the most important characters in the story, he has to have some prominence, and it's believed that he just might be one of the "Three Heads of the Dragon" (the other two being Daenerys and Jon).

3. Syrio = Jaqen?

Known as Arya Stark's awesome mentor, Syrio has made his mark as one of the series' fan favorite characters, despite only having a few episodes of screentime. He's last seen fighting a group of Lannister guards during Arya's escape and there was no exact proof that he actually died. With how renowned he was as the First Sword of Braavos, there's no way he was taken down by regular Lannister guards, right? There's a chance that he escaped and along with that, there's the chance that he's also Arya's magical face-changer friend Jaqen H'ghar. They're both Braavosi and both take an interest in Arya and her skills—so why couldn't he be?

4. Daario = Euron?

To continue the cross-character predictions, one major character in the book has been left out of the show: Euron Greyjoy. A theory created by /r/asoiaf Redditor Nittany_Lion_Country, the author provides a fairly plausible amount of evidence from the book: they both have similar appearance, Euron's location was relatively unknown during Daenerys' travels, he left Westeros, and Euron hopes that Daenerys will marry him and that he will "get her dragons." Daario's character himself is pretty mysterious, and he's said to have grey lips: one of the visions Daenerys saw in her prophecy from the Warlocks. George R.R. Martin himself has even said that there was more to Daario than he appears! Everything between them seems so closely linked together, and it's crazy how parallel their storylines are.

5. Are the Tyrells actually evil?

While Cersei's spite for the Tyrells (specifically Margaery) is viewed as simply just jealousy and spite, the Tyrells seem to have their own plans for the throne. One member on "A Song of Ice and Fire's" forums, username Michael Jon Snow, concocted a theory that just might be plausible. The Tyrells have proven to be sneaky—the Queen of Thorns herself is the one who sneaked the jewel in to murder Joffrey, and the family themselves are very surprised when Cersei seems to sneak in her own successful plan and charge the two siblings for crimes against the new cult in King's Landing. The user has laid out a large amount of evidence to help support this theory and it's definitely worth the read!

6. Jon Snow's Death

The biggest shocker of last season and the most recent book was the death of Jon Snow—one of the seemingly most important characters in the series. Ever since the season finale, many fans have speculated what might happen to his story arc in the following seasons; it just isn't right to kill him off so abruptly, especially when so much of his story has been left unanswered. There have been three prominent theories that have arisen to be the most popular out of the bundle: One says that he might come back as a white walker due to his confrontation with them in one of the episodes in the last season, another says that he might just warg into his direwolf, Ghost, just like his brother, Bran (and maybe the other Stark children), and the other one is that The Red Woman, Melisandre, will revive him. Her return to the Night's Watch is sudden after her travels with Stannis, and she might just have seen someone else leading her visions rather than Stannis himself. She obviously has some sort of interest in Jon, due to their interactions prior to his abrupt death, and who knows what kind of magic she can create? Her entire character is a shroud of mystery and she just might be the one to save everyone's favorite character.

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