6 Binge Worthy Hidden Gems Waiting To Be Devoured Hour-By-Hour
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6 Binge Worthy Hidden Gems Waiting To Be Devoured Hour-By-Hour

They are waiting for you.

6 Binge Worthy Hidden Gems Waiting To Be Devoured Hour-By-Hour

There's never a bad time to start binge watching a new show! Well, of course there's all of that important stuff you have to do, but you know you could put it off for a little while longer.

Whenever you finish an entire show it feels as though you've seen everything worth watching, and nothing new seems that appealing.

Here, I have a few binge-worthy hidden gems that I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon.

1. That 70's Show

Though this show has been around for a while, and is pretty popular, I feel like it is pretty underrated. I always used to overlook it because I thought it was cheesy, but now that I’m in college and understand more of the content, it’s actually really funny. There are definitely jokes that went over my head as a kid, but I really appreciate them now.

2. Forensic Files

This show is by far my favorite crime-show out there. There are so many episodes between Netflix and Hulu, and every one is super interesting. They all showcase a different criminal case and the steps the detectives went through to solve it. There are interviews with people involved, and some times even the killers. On Netflix alone, there are nine collections- each with about 40 episodes. This show is sure to hold you over for a while.

3. Drunk History

Drunk history is not only funny, but actually educational. Sure, sometimes the guest stars throw up in the middle of telling their history lesson, but they know what they’re talking about! Sometimes there are super cool guest stars such as Will Ferrel, Jack Black, Winona Ryder, and Terry Crews!

4. Round Planet

If you’re a fan of the show Planet Earth, then you would love this hysterical take on it. This show is almost exactly like Planet Earth, except it is narrated by a comedian who makes everything funny. There are still super cute animals, fight scenes, and beautiful landscape drone footage. All of that plus jokes. It just has everything that you didn’t realize Planet Earth was missing.

5. Portlandia

Though this show is pretty popular as well, it deserves more recognition. Comedians Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are hysterical and I’m not too sure how they thing of half of the crazy things that happen on this show.

6. The Eric Andre Show

The Eric Andre show cannot be described. It has to be the strangest television show ever created, and definitely the weirdest one around right now. The comedian Eric Andre should probably not be allowed to have people on this show, considering how many unexpected explosions there typically are per episode. You have to see for yourself, really.

You secretly know that whatever you are doing right now does not seem as appealing as getting comfy and starting a new, amazing binge session. I'm not sure what you're waiting for.

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