5 Tips & Tricks to be a better YOU

5 Tips & Tricks to be a better YOU

Go live your best life.


As we hit mid-2018, I started to realize I've been living my life entirely wrong. I've let non factors like people & school (sorry not sorry) ruin me emotionally & physically. I've worked to build myself up to the better me and I want YOU to do the same.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to be a better YOU.

1. Try something new.

Trying a new hobby will give you new experiences. For example if you try yoga , you could find your inner peace. If you learn how to bake or cook, you'll be able to satisfy yourself mentally and fill yourself up while doing so!

    2. Go live your best life.

    It's a Friday night and what are you doing? Watching Netflix and eating chocolate covered bacon because you have nothing else better to do! Get up and go somewhere fun! Go to the library and check out books about how to make a baked ziti. Go to the mall and splurge at PINK! Go do anything you love to do. The world is at your hands.

    3. Stop letting words get to you.

    People will make you feel terrible about yourself by saying rude things to you. They may call me fat and weird but I know I'm only one of those things. I try not to let it affect me and you should do the same. Embrace the negative comments and make them positive.

    4. Meet new people.

    As hard as it sounds, meeting new people will benefit you. You'll be able to change your surroundings and try new things with those new people. Joining a club is something that could help you if you're not so social. You could also join a discussion thread and talk to other people about things you enjoy!

    5. Dye your hair.

    Dying your hair is a sign of change. Whether you're going from jet black to neon green or red to blonde, you'll see a significant change in how you feel about yourself. It may cause A LOT of damage but in the end you'll feel like a complete baddie and a whole new person.

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    I Was A TFM Girl And The Online Harassment Made Me Regret It

    I put myself on display in an online zoo of men (and women) who either wanted to insult me or get with me.

    I was a TFM girl, and this is what I learned.

    One bite — everyone knows the rules.

    Unless you’re pretty much half naked or shotgunning a beer in a bikini on social media. Then you’ll be getting multiple “bites.” Since you're basically a piece of meat.

    If you’ve ever scrolled through the TFM girls Instagram page, you know exactly what I mean when I say it’s basically the digital version of Sports Illustrated except instead of a camera crew you have your best friend’s iPhone photography skills, and instead of Kate Upton, you have a compilation of college girls trying to find that perfect booty angle on the beach in Cabo (or in my case Lake Michigan — but that’s irrelevant and kinda sad).

    I was in shock when I made it on the page for the first time. I sent in a few pictures just for kicks because, at the time, being on the page was like some sort of status symbol. Especially since my boyfriend at the time was in a fraternity.

    So yeah, it was a huge ego boost.

    Everything was fine and dandy in the beginning. Hundreds of followers and likes started piling up on my account. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t enjoying the attention. Like I said — huge ego boost. I made it onto the page two more times.

    Then it got weird.

    Really weird.

    Nobody really talks about the DMs or comments you receive from being featured on the page. Some were rude. Others were just plain disgusting. Here are a few examples:

    “She is probably just the token hot friend.”

    “Dude, I would totally hit that.”

    “Nah man, she’s too muscular.”

    “She probably has a butter-face since she’s turned away from the camera.”

    “Hey baby, are you looking for a sugar daddy?”

    “I’ll give you $2,000 if you send me a pair of worn underwear. Please.”

    “Oh the things that I would do to you.”

    “Ehh I give her about a six.”

    “Eight point five.”

    Immediately, my self-worth plummeted to a number on a ranking scale. The messages kept coming. The amount of revulsion I felt kept climbing. The comments got to my head. My confidence was damaged. It was no longer an ego boost. My self-worth and confidence plummeted from online harassment.

    I put myself on display in an online zoo of men (and women) who either wanted to insult me or get with me.

    Neither was ideal.

    The audience that I drew in automatically assumed I was, you know, down for whatever. However, I know that I am so much more than an object. I am so much more than just a girl in a bikini or tiny Halloween costume. I am more than just my body.

    It turns out I attend one of the best public universities in the nation. I have made the Dean’s List almost every semester. I have accomplished so much in the past few years both academically and professionally.

    And no, I don’t count being on the TFM girls page being one of those accomplishments.

    They aren’t the only ones, either. There are hundreds of Instagram pages that feature thousands of girls on a daily basis. So power to you if you are featured. I applaud you, honestly. In their eyes, you have what it takes to be the face of their immense platform.

    Just ask yourself: are you ready for what’s next?

    Cover Image Credit: Kate Schmidt

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    Why Being Sick In College Is The Worst

    Mom...I need help


    Last week I was given every college student's least favorite gift, a cold. I should have been expecting it as two of my roommates had one but it still caught me by surprise. Now being sick is rarely an enjoyable experience but it is even worse when you are not in the comfort of your home. Here are four reasons being sick in college is the worst.

    Being Sick is Rarely a Good Excuse For Missing Class


    While there are certain cases where being sick is an acceptable reason for missing class, generally speaking unless you are extremely ill you are expected to be in class. In high school if you were sick all you had to do was get your parents to write a note to the school. At my university if you want to get your absence excused you have to turn in some kind of documentation proving that you were sick such as a note from a doctor. While I understand the reasoning behind this, it does make life more difficult.

    No One is Going to Take Care of You


    If you live away from home your health is your responsibility. When I was sick I had to haul myself out of bed to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine and then to the supermarket to get soup. It is such a luxury to have a parent around to help out when you are sick. To anyone still enjoying the benefit of having a parent around, please thank them. You have no idea how much it sucks to take care of yourself.

    Not Having Your Home Bed


    Most college students can agree that one of the most missed items from home is your bed. Whenever I was sick at home, I loved curling up in my bed all day. It is so comfortable and weirdly soothing. While my bed at school is extremely comfortable, it just is not the same.

    Knowing This is Probably the First of Many Colds 


    Colleges are breeding grounds for illness. You are living so close to so many people so colds just spread easily. When my roommate got sick I knew that at least one of us would get it too. No matter how many preventative measures you take, ultimately you cannot really avoid getting sick.

    Being sick is terrible. It leaves you feeling worn out, unmotivated and just generally gross. I am finally starting to feel better but I know this is only the first of many colds to plague me this year. While I know this just comes with being in college, there are days I just want my mom's soup and my bed.

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