1. Mental Illness Representation

If you watched any of season 3 of Skam, you know that Even has Bipolar disorder, something he and Isak, the season 3 main and Even's boyfriend, have to learn to navigate with their relationship. This is one of the few times I've seen mental illness covered in a real way-- not used as a plot point or secret that distances the character from the others. The way mental illness is discussed here- as something that Even has and not as something which defines him- is so important because teenagers do suffer from these problems and, going off of the majority of TV shows out there, these are problems which will separate them from their friends and render them incapable of any normal relationship. Not so with Skam. Even and Isak get a happy ending, though it took them a while to get there, and seeing the way they continue to work through their relationship is something many want to see.

2. Having Even as a main will allow people to see how life is navigated with mental illness

We got a little bit of this at the end of season 3, but there is definitely room to show this more. It was a while before Isak learned that Even was Bipolar, and so we only got to see a little bit of the two navigating life together, and because the season was from Isak's point-of-view, we didn't see any of Even handling his day-to-day life. There's stigma in society that mental illness is a scary, unknown thing, and so having a character like Even live his life normally and be happy is incredibly important for those who suffer from mental illness to see.

3. There's so much of his backstory we don't know

Who is Mikael? Why did Even take a year off school and transfer out of Elvebakken? How did he and Sonja really get together and what role did their four year relationship play in his life? When did Even realize he was bisexual and how did he come to terms with it? Whose house did they really break into to swim in the pool? For much of season 3, Even was represented as Isak's "perfect boyfriend"-- largely because Isak knew little about him beyond the cool and collected front that Even put on. I think I can speak for the entire Skam fandom when I say we want to know more about Even and his life, both before and after he met Isak.

4. He's openly bisexual, a sexuality that doesn't get the representation it deserves

Film and TV are slowly beginning to get better about providing accurate representation of the world today, but they've still got a long way to go. We see quite a few gay male couples these days, but there's very few lesbian storylines (especially ones that don't end tragically) and many bisexual characters are still seen as confused or going through a phase (Take The 100's Clarke, who's girlfriend Lexa was unnecessarily killed off the show, and is now likely going to end up with Bellamy, the male lead of the show). Even is openly bisexual and no one ever accuses him of being confused or misled in his feelings; his sexuality is accepted as much as Isak coming out as gay is, and that acceptance from other characters is so refreshing to see.

5. Henrik Holm is an amazing actor, and he deserves his own season

The depth of understanding that Henrik brought to the character of Even is impeccable. It was clear that he not only empathized with his character, but that he truly understood him and wanted to make sure he really brought Even to life in a way that made the character feel so real. There were times watching this season that I thought I could be watching a documentary - that's how real the acting felt. Henrik truly deserves his own season and would continue to bring Even to life in a way that can help so many teenagers and young adults who relate to his character- and if that's not a qualification for one's own season, I'm not sure what is.