5 Must-See American Cities
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5 Must-See American Cities

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5 Must-See American Cities

The United States has been receiving some unwanted attention the past few days. Media coverage has been portraying the negative, and by all means unattractive, sites of this great nation. However, there is beauty, culture, and history that lies within nearly every city of the U.S. Here is a list of 5 must city American cities and their many wonders. Who knows, you just may want to visit them one day.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is easily one of the most amazing cities in the south. This city is filled with sites that are sure to capture any traveler's eye. Atlanta has one of the best food scenes in the entire country; for classic American cuisine, stop off at Varsity's and indulge in a mouth-watering hot-dog or burger; looking for soul food, try Glady's and Ron's Chicken and Waffles...where the food is deep fried in southern hospitality. With a restaurant for nearly every taste bud, Atlanta is hands down a foodies' paradise. Moving on, Atlanta is filled with historical and fun tourist attractions. If you are a Coca-Cola drinker, then Atlanta is a must see destination... IT'S THE HOME OF COCA-COLA! And the Atlanta Coca-Cola Museum proves it. Also, Atlanta was a stepping stone in the Civil Rights Movement, as it was the home of Martin Luther King Jr. Taking a visit to the Martin Luther King Memorial Museum will be sure to give more enlightenment into a hero's life story. No matter whether you are looking for a place to eat, shop, dance, or explore; Atlanta will be sure to make your trip one to remember.

4. Miami, Florida

This sizzling city will be sure to make all of your festivities "HOT, HOT, HOT". Miami is the spotlight of Florida. With its gorgeous palm trees and white sandy beaches, Miami will steal your heart with its natural beauty. Miami is a city that is filled with Latin flavor. A large part of this city's population are immigrants from Spanish speaking countries, which is why 60% f the population speaks Spanish and heats up the city with their Latin culture. You will be sure to find great music, dance, and food in local spots located in towns such as Little Havana. Also, try checking out Miami's amazing housing architecture in private sectors such as Star Island, an area recognized for its beautiful homes occupied by some of the worlds most famous celebrities. If you are looking to tan and feel the sand between your toes, head out to Palm Beach...where you can sit, relax, and listen to the waves of the Atlantic ocean. Miami's serene beauty is remarkable and a must see.

3. Washington, D.C.

Rooted in American history; Washington, D.C. is a destination that every American citizen should have the chance to visit in their lifetime. With breath taking monuments to our founding fathers, and museums with artifacts never to be touched...D.C. is sure to capture the attention of any person interested in the way of the American government and its history. Yet, D.C. manages to have a city life that is amusing, to say the least. As far as food goes, the metro D.C. area is filled with restaurants from some of the worlds most renown chef's and this city has one of the fastest growing Vegan food scenes in the country. So, D.C. is definitely setting themselves up to have a food for every diet. Next, this city has a fashion scene that is remarkable. With top designers, to your favorite everyday stores, the fashion scene in metro-D.C. is always changing; which = SALES!!!! No matter what your interests are, our nation's capital will cater to you.

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco could easily be listed as one of the most beautiful cities...IN THE WORLD! From spectacular views from the famous Golden-Gate Bridge, to the serenity of wine country; San Francisco will be sure to win any travelers heart. This city is immersed in culture. There are so many cool spots to visit, you will definitely want to be a San Franciscan. The city is surrounded by food, music, and amazing people. But if you want a true escape, travel the California Coastal HWY 1 ( a scenic route just 15 mins south of the city). You can catch amazing sites and become one with nature. If you want to see true beauty surrounded by castles and vineyards...head to wine country. Further known as Napa and Sonoma... a site filled with beauty and WINE!!!! No matter your interests, San Francisco will be sure to satisfy your every need.

1. New York, New York

We all know of the "City that never sleeps," but the experience of actually going there brings a whole new meaning to its infamous title. This city is big, and with every big city comes a big adventure. The food will mesmerize you with its flavor, the views will take your breath away, and the talent that lives on nearly every street corner will amaze you. In New York City, there is nothing that you cannot do. Though most may think that New York is filled with loud noises, smelly crosswalks, and impatient by-passers... they are absolutely correct; but even in this city, you are bound to find serenity. The city is filled with parks that are surrounded by greenery. Fashion is literally this cities second identity. And the entertainment is top-notch and fairly inexpensive. New York is a city that portrays the true culture of America; diversity, acceptance, and unity... all on one island. New York City is a city that everyone must see.

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