When you wake up in the morning, you’re hungry. Sometimes there’s barely any motivation to make food. So instead of slaving over a meal you head to your local diner for pancakes, bacon and omelets. Everyone has his or her local diner that you go to on Saturday mornings. However, everyone goes there for many different reasons. There are many different people within the walls of your local diner. Here are five different types of people you will see in your local dinner.

1. Hungover Adolescents

On Saturday mornings after a long night of boozing, what do you need more than water? Nice greasy diner food to cure that hangover. When you walk into a diner on Saturday mornings you will without a doubt see a group of teenagers recovering from their night. They’ll be in the same clothes as last night, so don’t judge.

2. The Regulars

No matter the age, you can spot the regulars as soon as you walk in. They’ll be the ones talking with the wait staff the most. However these unique individuals will not even order and their food will appear in front of them. Perk of the wait staff knowing your order.

3. The Elder Generation

As you walk in you will see an abundance of baby boomers. They’ve had too many years of cooking breakfast so now they come to the diner for breakfast. They’ll be with their significant other or with a group of friends.

4. Family groups

Another group of people that you’ll see will be a family with three young kids all under the age of 5. They come into the diner because the parents are tired from the long workweek and really have no motivation to cook a meal for their children. So they bring them to the diner and they take up the big booths. The kids will also be jumping on the seats and peeking over the backs of the booths

5. Me

Then there’s me. I’m not within a specific category. Sometimes I’m there with my family and sometimes I’m there recovering from my hangover. Sometimes I’m meeting my friends I haven’t seen in 6 months, since were all away at college. No matter what, I love my local diner.