I know how hard it is for a struggling college student to get up in the morning. You've only had five hours of sleep because you were up-all-night studying for that econ test – but with these tricks, you can get ready in no time.

1. Pick out your outfit the night before

This is something my dad has always done, and I never understood why, until now. He's a night owl, like myself, and doesn't want to spend time deciding which tie goes with which shirt. You can save yourself a solid 20 minutes in the morning if you pick out your outfit the night before.

2. Shower the night before

if you are only of those people who takes hour-long showers – like most of my friends – then this will save you so much time in the morning. If you shower the night before, you can wake up right before class and already be clean for the day. Don't spend your morning scrubbing, spend it sleeping.

3. Bring breakfast on the go

if you live in a dorm, you can stop in there and get breakfast to go, but if you don't even have time for that, pack a breakfast in your backpack the night before - maybe a granola bar and a piece of fruit. This should hold you over until lunch. There are times when I want to go get breakfast with my friends before class, but we can never make it in time because they are never ready in time. If you like sleep more than food, this hack will change your life.

4. Have your backpack ready the night before

Many nights your up late studying and sometimes even fall asleep with your books and computer on your lap. Well, if you want to save yourself five minutes in the morning, pack up your school work the night before so you can grab your bag and go. And think ahead – if you know you're working out after class, pack your workout clothes and shoes. Or, if you know you need to stop at the grocery store, make sure to pack your wallet the night before. Packing your bags the night before is seriously one of the biggest life hacks because it's really frustrating when your running around trying to find your things when you have to leave in one minute for class.

5. Have the products you use in the morning on your desk ready

When I wake up in the morning, I do the usual hygiene business, put on a dot of makeup, comb my hair and leave for the day. If you have a lot of beauty products and can never find the ones you need right away, take them out the night before and place them on your desk so you can use them in the morning and run.

I hope these 5 tips allow you to sleep in a little extra and get ready a little quicker!