5 Nicholas Sparks Movies For The Month Of Love
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5 Nicholas Sparks Movies For The Month Of Love

These films will make you believe in love again in time for Valentines Day.

5 Nicholas Sparks Movies For The Month Of Love
Lance Asper

As February is creeping up into our 2018 calendar and as Valentine’s Day is getting even closer, it is not too early to be thinking of all the lovey-dovey stuff that comes along with this month, like seriously romantic and sappy movies. And when thinking of such movies, it is only valid to say that Nicholas Sparks is the master of romance. His books are some of the greatest when it comes to love stories that literally bring out all of your feelings as you read along to every word. What is even more lovely is the when watching his movies, these words are transformed into characters you attach yourself to, beautiful scenes of a sea that is filled with sailboats you wish you could visit, music that rings in your ears for hours after, and a crowd full of blubbering people who hold each other’s hands when the ending satisfies all of your hopes you built up during the film. Nicholas Sparks’s movies are the epitome of great love stories. And whether you are in a relationship, or just got out of one, or married, or extremely single, these five movies are worth a watch to get you through the month of love.

1. "A Walk to Remember” is one to remember.

This movie will give your heart the biggest attack as it pulls on all your feelings, crushes them to little pieces, and then puts them back together with scotch tape. In the beginning, you are somewhat skeptical of both main characters. One is too big of a jerk and the other is depicted as the ‘weirdo’ of the school. You somewhat question where the storyline is going in the beginning.

Then the love begins to flow, and you fall in love with the characters and their love for each other. You think everything is great, until the plot twists, crumbling your heart into pieces. As the end comes to a close, your heart is back into one piece, but not how you want it. I myself recommend this movie if you want to cry out a few years of held-back tears because you will actually cry out a few buckets. But this movie is one to remember as one of Sparks’s greatest and will teach you that love can be kept in your memories forever.

2. "The Notebook” is a timeless story.

We all know of this movie, and it a timeless one indeed. A story of the past, told by the future, this movie lets you follow two love stories from two different times of a lifetime. The story from the past begins with two adventurous souls who fall for each other at first sight. As their love blossoms, they are constantly attacked by the outsiders. These outsiders try to break their spirits, and these outsiders may think that they have a chance of doing just that, but these two spirits that were meant to be could never be torn. And as their spirits live on, the story of the future unfolds.

Time is the main theme of this movie, and it is time that will live on, as this movie is a class for any generation, any person, and any day of the week, reminding you that the right kind of love is an endless kind of love.

3. “Dear John” is not Taylor Swift’s song.

An example of two people who really can’t be together, this movie proves that love has no boundaries. As both characters are bound by their own limitations, they still manage for a while to experience a love like no other. She is limited by a dream that keeps her home, and he is limited to a previous commitment that he must honor away.

A confused heart limits her capacity, and his personal struggles limit his heart to love at all. But together, these limitations seem like just little lines in the sand to be washed away by the sea. No matter where they are, these boundaries do not hold them back, letting them come together through the moon and a lot of letters. This movie reminds you that no matter what your status is in the name of love, anything is possible if it is meant to be.

4. “Safe Haven” is safe for your heart.

Exciting from the beginning, this movie gives you a lot of drama from the start to finish. A runaway from a terrible relationship, the main character is on a mission to get away from her husband in the most stealthy and fastest way possible. She gets away, and it seems that she has lost him for good. With that reassurance in herself, still, on the edge, she settles down in a small town.

This is the typical small town that we all wish to visit. A few general stores, where everyone knows everyone else, a peaceful bay of sailboats, and streets lined with oak trees. You feel so happy and proud of her, especially when she finds a love that is both pure and meaningful. But everything is too good, and of course, a little drama has to play itself out before the ending. Putting everything that she loves in this small town in danger, she does everything she can to save it from her ex. And in the end…well, I won't spoil it for you. This movie is a great drama, and it shows that you would do anything for the ones you love.

5. "The Last Song” is the best for last.

This is hands-down one of my favorite love stories of all time. Being a young adult, this movie speaks to me on many, many levels. From the main character’s wishes, her tragedies, her struggle within herself, her wants for love and happiness are all relatable to me and probably to many in my generation. Another example of a love surrounded by an immense amount of drama, this love story has so much going for and against it. And what I love about it is that in the end, of course, love can conquer it all.

So no matter what your status is, whether you hate love or love it, these movies are worth a watch during the time of February. Each one is unique in its own way and can teach you a few things about love and life.

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