5 Celebs That '90s Girls Knew Were Marriage Material When We Were Young
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5 Celebs That '90s Girls Knew Were Marriage Material When We Were Young

1990s girls will understand.

5 Celebs That '90s Girls Knew Were Marriage Material When We Were Young

Let's be honest, as young teen girls, there were some celebs we genuinely thought we were going to marry. I mean if we couldn't have them, our world might just end. We were obsessed. "Crazy girl crush" is an understatement in this department.

So, these are five celebs we truly believed were marriage material when we were young. Some, like me, might still be guilty of holding out hope that these relationships will fall perfectly into place for us in the near future.

Zac Efron

This dreamy heart-throb definitely bounced his way into our hearts as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical," and ever since then, we've just been absolutely hooked. Who could get their head in the game after looking at such an angelic face? It is truly impossible. Even though we are older now Zac, we still will never give up. You are worth the wait.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber will forever have a place in our hearts. The era of JB posters and phone cases will never be forgotten. This dreamy star took the music scene by storm as a teenager after emerging from YouTube with tons of young fans already in line dying to meet him. His voice and charisma was absolutely captivating. His looks? Even better. The swishy hair? The cute laugh? Incredibly charming. I mean, just look at those beautiful brown eyes and big adorable smile, who could resist? Not I.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse 

These two twins totally captured our attention on the infamous show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody." I mean, who could choose between these handsome devils? Yes, they looked similar. But the thrill was choosing which personality type to swoon over. With Cody, you got a guy with smarts and his adored "gentleman-like" qualities. But with Zach, you got the excitement of living on edge and always having fun. How could you possibly make that kind of decision. They constantly kept us on the edge of our seats.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas. The most charming of all the Jonas Brothers (slightly arguable, but still). The Jonas Brothers first appeared to us on Disney Channel, changing our lives forever. Instantly, the youngest of the group caught our eye from the beginning. This curly-haired cutie was so... dreamy. I mean, he could sing, he could dance, he was slightly shy (the perfect amount, ugh.) Just absolutely adorable. How could we not want him? He was everything our 13-year-old hearts desired. Even if he did date our favorite blonde-haired pop star instead of us. (paws off, Hannah Montana).

Jesse McCartney

Jesse had to have been one of our biggest heart-throbs. His blonde hair and perfect pearly whites left us absolutely in awe from the youngest age. Not only was his singing perfect, and always karaoke-worthy, but he just always seemed good with the ladies. That may or may not be because he always played the love interest role on all of our favorite childhood shows, but that's beside the point. After his debut on "Hannah Montana," we saw what could've been. And we wanted it. The insane jealousy took over and we were dedicated to getting our own chance with this hunk. (Miley Cyrus, seriously, stop stealing all our men.)

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