41 Thoughts Of A Shopaholic
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41 Thoughts Of A Shopaholic

The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

41 Thoughts Of A Shopaholic

Due to the fact that fashion merchandising is my major, I am surrounded by talk of consumption. I had a love for fashion at a young age and if anything, the love has grown, maybe even into an obsession. I think many can agree that shopping is a great outlet when upset, hence retail therapy, but how far does it get before it becomes an addiction? Personally, I just like to think that all this shopping will just further my knowledge with fashion. Whatever the reason behind your shopping addiction is, you will understand these thoughts.

  1. Ugh, it’s been a tough week, I need some retail therapy.
  2. Tobi is 50 percent off site wide…Tobi, you get me.
  3. Let me check my bank account, OK I really shouldn’t buy anything.
  4. It’s 50 percent off though, that’s basically ASKING me to buy something.
  5. Fifteen things in the cart later: well, I guess no groceries for this week.
  6. Ah those black booties are so cute but I also like the grey...I’ll take one of each!
  7. I have a tank top just like this, but you can never have too many!
  8. I got an A on my test, I should really treat myself to some shopping.
  9. It’s almost my birthday. I NEED a hot birthday outfit.
  10. [Stares at closet full of clothes.] I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. I NEED TO GO SHOPPING.
  11. Did that just say buy one get one free? OK, I don’t really need graphic tees but who can resist that deal.
  12. SCARVES! SCARVES! SCARVES! I already have a whole collection, but it won’t hurt to just take a peek.
  13. How did I just end up with five scarves?
  14. Ooh I want that, does it come in black?
  15. [Takes mirror selfie.] I must send this to the group message and see if they approve.
  16. Why does my closet only consist of black?
  17. Oh yeah because black is my favorite color, right.
  18. [Goes shopping with mom.] Mom, can I pick something out, maybe as an early birthday present or something?
  19. [Goes to Target.] I’m here for shampoo but this suit is so cute! I could use a new phone case, and that book is a bestseller! Oh! Chapstick, I definitely need that.
  20. [Leaves Target without shampoo.]
  21. Marshall’s is so dangerous for my credit card...deals on deals.
  22. I need to be blindfolded while walking through the Marshall’s maze of a checkout line.
  23. I just ended up buying a teacup and plate set, damn it Marshall’s, you win again.
  24. Wow, this sports bra is so cool I think I’ll buy it as an incentive to work out.
  25. Do I really need this or do I just want it?
  26. No, I definitely need it.
  27. These mittens are so cute but not really practical because I can’t text with them on.
  28. Whatever, I’ll get them, I may end up needing them one day.
  29. This shirt is a medium and I am a small, but I NEED IT.
  30. It will shrink in the wash, right?
  31. I’m just going to fill my cart with all potential purchases and then delete what I don’t want.
  32. Oh no, I want everything in the cart.
  35. Looks like I’ll just have to wear extra thick socks with these size-six shoes.
  36. Why do I always end up not wearing half of my clothes?
  37. I should really give some of these clothes away.
  38. NO WAIT, I may need that one day, I can’t get rid of it yet.
  39. [Someone tells you you have a shopping addiction.] NO, I DON’T.
  40. Oh no, am I just in denial?
  41. OK fine, I’m a shopaholic.

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