4 Summer Campfire Story Ideas
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4 Summer Campfire Story Ideas

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.

4 Summer Campfire Story Ideas

As you and your friends are indulging in your gooey s'mores, passing around the flashlight competing who's story is the most terrifying, but maybe you've run out of ideas? Summer vacation is just around the corner and for some it has just begun. Usually when you think of summer you think of vacationing, ice cream, long walks on the beach, or campfires. Everyone loves a scary campfire story, well most people I think. Here are some ideas for a good terrifying campfire horror story.

Bloody Mary

The story of Bloody Mary isn't all that new but still frightening! It also has multiple stories but here is the most common. Basically a girl gets invited to a sleepover and the girls did what you normally do at such event and that is playing Truth or Dare. One girl turns towards the other and says "I dare you to do Bloody Mary." The girl then proceeded to go into the bathroom and spun around three times chanting "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." At first, nothing happened so she reached for the door but then things got creepy fast. The lights blew out and the door was locked from the outside so she couldn't get out of the bathroom. All of a sudden, the faucet of the sink produced thick blood and Bloody Mary rose from it and slit the girl's throat. This is the story that I heard when I was younger. The most known story though is that after you do the chant, you see Bloody Mary in the mirror. I have not tried this myself nor do I want to but if you have, you're one brave soul!

The Bunnyman

This story is pretty much about a murderer in a bunny costume so I suggest you don't tell the kids or else they'll be afraid of the Easter Bunny. I found out about this particular story from my boyfriend who lives right where this story takes place. In 1904 an asylum prison in Clifton, VA was shut down so all of the inmates had to be transferred. During the time, one of the train cars that held some of the inmates crashed. Most inmates were killed and ten escaped. Nine of the inmates were found however the last one was still missing. Legend says that the lost inmate was The Bunnyman himself. Since then, people have claimed to have seem him, the last claim was in 1970. If you're out there looking for the truth (I'm obsessed with "The X Files:) then you can find him at Bunnyman Bridge or also known as the Colchester Overpass.

Have You Checked The Children?

This is definitely a throwback classic. There is also a movie inspired by this story. A married couple hires a babysitter to watch their three children while they go out for the night. When the babysitter arrived, the parents told her that the kids were already asleep so she had to check on them every once in a while. The babysitter starts doing homework while waiting for a call from her boyfriend. Eventually, the phone rings, she picks it up but no one answers on the other end. A few minutes later, the phone rings again, the girl answers, and a voice on the line in a chilling voice asked "have you checked the children?" The babysitter thinks this is the father on the other line making sure the children are still asleep. After a few minutes, she gets another call from the same voice, only this time laughing and asks her if she checked the children. She angrily asks who is on the other line, but the caller hangs up again. The babysitter proceeds to watch TV thinking this is some sort of prank. However the voice calls again and the babysitter calls the police. When the police call back, they told her that she needed to get out of the house immediately because the call was traced from inside the house and the man who was on the phone called after killing each child.

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?

This final story will make you freaked out about living in a dorm. Whether you're a returning college student or a freshman, I would sleep with a night light. Two roommates in college were in a science class together and were supposed to be studying for their final. The first roommate wanted to go to a party and the second preferred to stay behind and study. When evening rolled around, the first roommate spent the entire afternoon getting ready for the party while the second roommate spent all day studying. The first roommate kept trying to get her roommate to go to the party, but she insisted that she stay behind to study. The first roommate proceeded to go to the party and the second continued to study. When the first roommate came back to the dorm, she felt nervous about the exam and would ask her roommate for help the next day because she was asleep. The next early morning, the first roommate went to wake her up. She noticed that she was lying on her stomach so she decided to turn her over only to reveal her terrified face. The first roommate looked over at her roommate's study materials and saw they were covered in blood. She then turned towards her roommate and saw that she had been slaughtered. In horror, the roommate fell to the floor and saw the phrase "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?

" written in the roommate's blood on the wall.

There are many other stories/ urban legends out there in books or the internet that could be great summer campfire stories. Or you could totally make them up on your own! However, be sure that there are no little children around but if there are, don't forget to check them! Hope you have as many evil laughs as possible from this!

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