4 Places to Visit in Lincoln This Semester
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4 Places to Visit in Lincoln This Semester

4 Places to Visit in Lincoln This Semester
The Nebraskan

270,000 people. That’s the population of Lincoln, Nebraska. Some people would probably gasp in horror and ask if there is anything to do in a city so small. The answer, is yes. My goal for this (school) year was to break out of my routine coffee shops and restaurants and explore what our college town has to offer. Here’s four places to put on your list for future dinner dates, study breaks, and shopping trips.   

1. Cultiva
Located on South 11th Street between G and H Street is this café and micro-roastery. The menu boasts crepes, coffee and the ever-popular Johnny Cakes (a flat, cornmeal pancake). With a relaxed, hipster atmosphere, it’s the perfect, unique café to try out next time you’re looking for somewhere out of the ordinary. It’s only a short drive from campus and definitely worth the trip. 

2. The Pilgrimer
This retail store meets coffee shop became my go-to for all things on my Christmas shopping list this year. Located on North 12th Street, next to Dempsey’s Burger Pub, The Pilgrimer has more than just coffee to offer its customers. According to their website they feature “the very best handmade and locally sourced goods of eastern Nebraska,” free yoga on Wednesdays and will rent their space for private events. The Pilgrimer also has a membership program in which for $25 a month members can stop in for unlimited tea or coffee. Not sure you want to invest? A cup of coffee is a flat $2 and there are tables in the back if you need a place to study. http://thepilgrimer.com/

3. Little Mountain Print Shoppe
Again, I stumbled upon this business while checking things off my Christmas list. This screen printing shop not only will work with you to design large, custom order t-shirts, but also has a variety of designs and t-shirts ready for purchase. Looking for a Husker hoodie or graphic tee that no one else has? Head to the Little Mountain Print Shoppe on 33rd and B Street. Did I mention how cozy and comfortable these tee’s are? My new choice designer for any new hoodies & tees. (Hint: A few of their tees are also sold at The Pilgrimer.) http://www.littlemountainprint.com/

4. Tsuru
Located on North 14th and O Street, this boutique offers trendy name-brand clothes as well as pieces from various local designers. If you’re looking for a unique accessory or just something new to add to your wardrobe, Tsuru is the place to visit. Keep an eye out for their Basic Bones jewelry & Free People attire.

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