4 Greatest Moments of The Lion King Remake

The 4 Greatest Moments of 2019's The Lion King Remake

As a self-proclaimed lover of the Disney remakes, I went in with big expectations--and was not disappointed!


As a second-wave Millenial, I have a special affinity for Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. They personify my childhood and light up memories that make me feel like a kid again. Although Disney has dished out their share of disappointments in regards to their remakes (we're looking at you Cinderella and Dumbo), they've also managed to enamor us all over again with their whimsy and brilliant storytelling.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that The Lion King's live action remake came out earlier this year. Yes, I loved it. Here are some of my favorite moments but be sure to see it for yourself!

Pretty much any scene with Timon and Pumbaa. 

Just like they're animated counterparts, they stole the show.


The remake team did a wonderful job of staying true to the characters but also added some new facets of their personalities. Not only were they comical but they were charming and lovable--I think that's what we need in any comic relief trope. Keep your eyes peeled for when these two take the screen, it encompasses some of the greatest moments of the movie.

Baby Simba!

If you thought the original was cute, take a look at this adorable little floofball!


My sister and I about awe-d ourselves right out of the theater. The animators flawlessly combined with live action features and human-accepted cuteness (for lack of a better term). I think every woman (and not a few of the men) in the theater awe-d over the sweet little Simba. Talk about pulling at heartstrings from the get-go!

Be still my beating heart, Can You Feel the Love Tonight!!

What a stunning rendition of the classic scene.


As any hopeless romantic can attest, Can You Feel the Love Tonight was the most romantic aspect of any 6-year-old's life back in the 90's. The music, the frolicking, the LOVE! The remake puts the classic scene during the later afternoon, which at first I thought a strange choice, but it grew on me as they swept beside a cascading waterfall. Romance: check. Reminiscing 26-year-old: check.

That first roar. 

Goose-bump city.


The grand finale was just that, a finale! Though more violent than it's animated counterpart, the movie stayed true to the original and ended with Simba gifting the skies a proper roar. Even my husband, a man I know to be tough beyond all recourse, admitted he felt several waves of goosebumps as Simba climbed Pride Rock and claimed the title of King. It was majestic, it was beautiful, and--best yet, it reminded me of watching Simba do the same back in 1995. All in all, the remake took me back to my childhood and I loved every single second of it.

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