We Need To Learn What Loving Someone Really Is Again

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I like you

So we must be in love

This seems to be the mindset that set in back in middle school. Back when a boy would approach you and say, "I like you" and you would feel the same way. So, off of middle school social standings that meant you two were now boyfriend and girlfriend. In conclusion, the average middle schooler probably went though a handful of significant others each year. Today, this process is the same thing with love. Boy meets girl. Girl ask boy out. They put a label on it and jump right to the "I love you" stage.

Where is the falling in love stage anymore? Our generation has skipped one of the most beautiful, romantic and special part of the relationship. The beautiful mess of falling in love for someone. Instead, we have just skipped to the desert.

We need to learn what love is again. We need to go through the heart break. We need to date. Get to know each other and have an actual conversation. None of this "Swipe...swipe...oh hes cute...Match" none sense that the romantic world has gotten swept into. We need to start living and experiencing love through humanity, rather through technology.

Its easy to get swept up in the idea of love. Todays social media and television industry show women and man falling in love at first touch or sight. They skip the process. Where is the awkward "I like you" stage that we all went through earlier on in life. We need those awkward moments of figuring out how we feel about someone, learning about someone, engaging in dialogue, to produce a love that is real and pure.

Its easy to fall in love. To quickly rush through the steps. To forget about the process and the things we learned getting there. We need to take time and appreciate the journey we take with someone. Theres no rush to the "I love you" stage. Theres no competition. Its a journey you get to take with someone. Enjoy the journey, rather then focusing on the end destination. Take your time to appreciate one another. Don't rush the feelings. Let them age and sweeten.

Then one day there will be a moment. When you two are standing there, laughing at some pathetic joke and you look into their eyes and realize, "Damn, I am in love with this fool." Your whole body will feel like. Its the best feeling ever. It snuck up to you, because that how love works. You get lost in the journey until one day you look up and realize that you were falling in love the whole time. You weren't pushing for it to happen. Or, wanting it to. Love came, when love was ready to reviel itself to you.

Fall in love slowly and blindly. Its the sweetest, most real feeling.

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