Three weekends ago I decided to attend Tuscaloosa local farmer market with the plan of buying a couple of items that will fit into my zero-waste lifestyle. When you're at the farmers market you will find items there that you wouldn't find at a chain food store such as a dozen ducks egg that was for sale. Or homemade soaps that had zero to the little wrapper and would have cost almost five dollars at Publix because it had no plastic wrap when it cost $2 or $4 at the market.

But really shop at the farmer market to support your local farmers and shops. More often than not these people are living off these sales or its just a side thing to have some extra cash. For the stores, your more than a dollar sign, you are a person who buys products and they will give you samples of products to try before committing. Which you don't see that often anymore especially as profit is the bottom line for many businesses.

Also, if you have at the grocery stores all those carts in the middle of the aisle as the owner looks at something farther down don't worry the walkways are wide enough for several and the carts are small. And there is no way to be blind-sided by that one person who thinks they are the only one as you have a full three-sixty view of everything there.

You don't have to go every week as I know it can be kind of expensive especially when it comes to certain items. But you should go at least once to see if the market is for you and if they have anything of your interest. Hopefully, this has convinced you to try the market as the saying goes, "Don't knock it til you try it."