33 Niche Spotify Mood Playlists For The Next Time You're In Charge Of The AUX Cord
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33 Niche Spotify Mood Playlists For The Next Time You're In Charge Of The AUX Cord

Excessively specific playlists portray the meaningful ways in which individuals in Gen Z express their imagination with music.

33 Niche Spotify Mood Playlists For The Next Time You're In Charge Of The AUX Cord

Allowing ourselves to become enveloped in rhythms and lyrics, humans have a funny habit of sonically transporting to new dimensions, locations, and situations under the influence of music. Each genre and song evokes a different psychological interaction within the listener's subjective perspective.

The varying methods in which each generation interacts with art reflect values and skills within the particular age group. As for the youths of today, curating compilations of entertainment is a defining quirk of Gen Z.

From Vine/TikTok anthologies to movie montages to Spotify playlists, young people addictively inject a concentrated bit of culture into our lives, fitting nearly every emotion and experience imaginable. Below are 33 of the most distinct playlists I could find on Spotify, dripping with imagery and irony, with links included under each photo.

1. “England in the snow: you're in Victorian England & you're walking down a path adorned with the warm aureate glow of gaslights & it's snowing softly & u have your hands buried deep in ur coat pockets while somewhere in the distance, someone announces that the queen is dead”

england in the snow


2. “sunbathing because of 'Rona but you’ve had too much caffeine”

sunbathing because of Rona but you’ve had too much caffeine


3. “Every Song Called Easy”

Every Song Called Easy


4. “Harry Styles songs crafted into a jukebox musical”

harry songs crafted into a jukebox musical


5. The user, Joscelyn.Stocks, has a rainbow of tunes with 12 playlists devoted to the energy of different colors.

🌲Dark Green Songs


6. “Songs That Excite The Old Folks”

songs that excite the old folks


7. “Time For A Little Bit Of Chaos”

time for a lil bit of chaos


8. “stranded ashore a mystical island”

stranded ashore a mystical island





10. “to the ends of the earth, would you follow me?”

to the ends of the earth would you follow me?


11. “i’m on aux at a party, F*CK”

im on aux at a party, F*CK


12. “iM nOt LiKe OtHeR giRLs”

iM nOt LiKe OtHeR giRLs


13. “for when I don’t have trust issues”

for when i dont have trust issues


14. “would sell my kidney to hear for the 1st time again”

would sell my kidney to hear for the 1st time again


15. “you meet god at a gas station at 3:03 am & he asks you if you want to go for a motorcycle ride with him”

hanging out w/ god at 3 am


16. “atm”



17. “It’s the year 2077 & you’re at a nightclub in Tokyo with your best friend, you’re both on the run from a group of rebels but you feel safe in this little neon corner of nowhere so when a robot waiter offers you a strawberry daiquiri you accept it”

earth 2077


18. “songs I’d play if my hypothetical boyfriend cheated on me”

Songs I’d play if my hypothetical boyfriend cheated on me


19. “enough is enough”

enough is enough✊🏿


20. “when i’m sad in the bathtub feels”

when i'm sad in the bathtub feels


21. “Songs That Make Gay People Scream”

💥Songs That Make Gay People Scream💥


22. “what falling in love sounds like”

what falling in love sounds like


23. “Angel Radio”

angel radio


24. “songs for writing”

songs for writing


25. “Spanish simp playlist”

Spanish simp playlist😩


26. “Hey hey Woodie Guthrie”

Hey hey Woody Guthrie


27. “Voluptuous”



28. “Sad Indie Bops”

sad indie bops


29. “Life Is Like A Friendship Bracelet”

🌸🦋✨Life Is Like a Friendship Bracelet✨🦋🌸


30. “Songs you forgot about but I listen to on a daily basis”

Songs you forgot but I listen to on a daily basis


31. “you're at a rave but you're a basic teenage girl in white air forces”

at a rave but you’re a basic teenage girl in white air force


32. “tastes like expensive coffee”

tastes like expensive coffee


33. “clubbing but you’re sad in the smoking area and it’s the 80’s”

Clubbing but you’re sad , in the smoking area and it’s the 80s


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