30 Necessities To Carry In Your School Bag — Besides Your Paper, Textbooks, And Pencils
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30 Necessities To Carry In Your School Bag — Besides Your Paper, Textbooks, And Pencils

Do you carry the same things I do? You should really carry #13!!!

30 Necessities To Carry In Your School Bag — Besides Your Paper, Textbooks, And Pencils
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Do you ever wonder what to back in your school bag? Are you starting summer session or Maymester soon? Well, here are some ideas and inspirations for you. This is a definitely list on what you should pack in your backpack.

1. An Umbrella

You NEVER know when it's going to rain. The weather apps are hardly accurate. In fact, I know so many people how've been trekking across their lengthy campus, and suddenly find themselves soaked from head to toe. What would save them from this experience? How about . . . a handy umbrella? They even make miniature versions that would fit perfectly into your bag.

2. First Aid Kit Materials

It's better to be prepared for any and all situations. The best way to increase preparedness is to have a first aid kid with you containing basic necessities. Having an extra bandaid on your person would't be too burdensome, would it?

3. Water Bottle

Save yourself some money and bring a water bottle with you!!!

4. Chapstick

You always need one in the most inconvenient times.

5. Tissues

If you are an allergy sufferer too, you understand the need for tissues.

6. Your Favorite Snack

Food is life. That's all there is to it.

7. Extra Money

Some places only accept cash. It's good to be prepared, especially if you're in a crunch.

8. Book

If you're a book lover, pack a book you've been meaning to read.

9. Headphones

Music, please. Podcasts, please. Tuning out annoying people on public transportation, please.

10. Extra Chargers

Just pack your phone or computer charger. You'll thank yourself later!!

11. Gum

Maybe the gum will help you concentrate during class. If not, at least you'll have gum.

12. Breath Mints

We all need fresh breath!

13. Tea Packets

This is a money saver. Ask for hot water at a restaurant, and use your own tea bags. At least you'll know you like the tea flavor!

14. Pain Medicine

You never know when you'll need some Advil or Tums.

15. Identification

If you live on campus, identification is pretty necessary.

16. Feminine Hygiene Products

You NEVER know sometimes.

17. Tide Spot Remover

If you're clumsy like me, this could come in handy.

18. Bug Spray

If you plan to work outside, bring some bug spray. Just in case!!! I hate bug bites, and I bet you do to.

19. Extra Clothing Items (i.e. Socks)

Whether you have an unexpected clothing accident or go to the gym unexpectedly and need new clothes, having extra items with you could help save time or embarrassment.

20. Calculator

While you can use your phone for most calculations, professors tend to prefer normal scientific calculators.

21. Planner

If you prefer using a paper-based organizational system, definitely carry your planner with you.

22. Flashlight

You never know what'll happen. A flashlight could be a good item to have with you — just in case.

23. Extra Hair Ties

I'm ALWAYS losing my hair ties. ALWAYS.

24. Hand Sanitizer

Now, more than ever, you should really carry hand sanitizer with you.

25. Lotion

I remember hearing my peers ask for hand lotion every single day when we had in-person classes. Just carry some with you in case you need it. Bath and Body Works has a variety of great scents.

25. Hair Brush

After a long day, who doesn't need to fix their hair?

26. Extra Hat, Gloves, and Scarf for Cold Weather

If you're going to school in a cooler region, it wouldn't hurt to have some winter weather gear with you.

27. Emergency Phone Numbers

If your phone dies, you may want to have a few contacts with you.

28. A Small Bag (i.e. Plastic Bag)

You never know when you'll need an extra bag. I've had various experiences when I've needed to separate my materials or put things in an extra bag. You'll thank yourself later.

29. Miniature Toolkit

Be more prepared for the potential obstacles in your path.

30. School Essentials (Highlighters, Post-it Notes, Flashcards)

You kind of need school supplies to make it through the school day. At least, having school supplies will make your learning experiences easier.
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