25 Songs All Nasty Women Need To Hear Right Now
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25 Songs All Nasty Women Need To Hear Right Now

We'll always have Beyoncé.

25 Songs All Nasty Women Need To Hear Right Now

Look, Donald: you’re the worst. We women have to face men like you with your small minds and even smaller hands far too often. You are basically the ultimate douche. You definitely don’t text back and you talk a big game, but never follow through. You probably pull the same smooth moves on every woman you, by some miracle, seduce, and make them think you’re some sort of sex god, when the reality is you just aren’t. I am so sick of dealing with guys like you, and the last thing I needed as a woman was another f**k boy in my life, let alone running my country.

What sucks for you, though, is that we nasty women of the United States have been doing just that—dealing with tiny men like you. We’ve literally been doing it since the dawn of time and you’re just another obstacle we have to overcome on our quest to female greatness. We’ve gotten pretty damn good at it, and luckily for us, we’ve got some real divas leading the way with killer “crush the patriarchy” songs.

If you’re a nasty woman, here’s a playlist for you:

“Sit Still, Look Pretty” – Daya

Nasty lyric:

The only thing that a boy's gonna give a girl for free's captivity/

And I might love me some vanilla but I'm not that sugar sweet/

Call me HBIC

“Confident” – Demi Lovato

Nasty lyric:

I used to hold my freak back, now I'm letting go/

I make my own choice; bitch, I run this show/

So leave the lights on/

No, you can't make me behave

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman” – Shania Twain

Nasty lyric:

No inhibitions, make no conditions/

Get a little outta line/

I ain't gonna act politically correct/

I only want to have a good time

“Fighter” – Christina Aguilera

Nasty lyric:

'Cause it makes me that much stronger/

Makes me work a little bit harder/

It makes me that much wiser/

So thanks for making me a fighter

“Stronger” – Britney Spears

Nasty lyric:

I'm not your property as from today, baby/

You might think that I won't make it on my own/

But now I'm stronger than yesterday/

Now it's nothing but my way

“Rescue” – Yuna

Nasty lyric:

That girl is you, yeah/

And that girl is me/

That girl is stronger than the raging sea

“Pretty Girl Rock” – Keri Hilson

Nasty lyric:

Pretty as a picture/

Sweeter than a swisher/

Mad cause I'm cuter than the girl that's witchya/

I can talk about it cause I know that I'm pretty/

And if you know it too/

Then ladies, sing it with me

“Survivor” – Destiny’s Child

Nasty lyric:

Thought that I would fail without you/

But I'm on top/

Thought it would be over by now/

But it won't stop/

Thought that I would self destruct/

But I'm still here/

Even in my years to come/

I'm still gon’ be here

“When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls

Nasty lyric:

They used to tell me I was silly/

Until I popped up on the TV/

I always wanted to be a superstar/

And knew that singing songs would get me this far

“Raise Your Glass” – P!nk

Nasty lyric:

So if you're too school for cool/

And you're treated like a fool/

You can choose to let it go/

We can always, we can always/

Party on our own

“Can’t Be Tamed” – Miley Cyrus

Nasty lyric:

I wanna fly/

I wanna drive/

I wanna go/

I wanna be a part of something I don't know/

And if you try to hold me back I might explode

“Roar” – Katy Perry

Nasty lyric:

Now I'm floating like a butterfly/

Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes/

I went from zero/

To my own hero

“Me Too” – Meghan Trainor

Nasty lyric:

I thank God every day/

That I woke up feelin' this way/

And I can't help lovin' myself/

And I don't need nobody else

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” – P!nk

Nasty lyric:

I'll dress nice, I'll look good/

I'll go dancing alone/

I will laugh, I'll get drunk/

I'll take somebody home

“Goodbye” – Kristina DeBarge

Nasty lyric:

Am I supposed to be torn apart, broken hearted, in a corner crying?/

Pardon me if I don't show it/

I don't care if I never see you again; I'll be alright/

Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together/

But either way, baby, I'm gone

“That Don’t Impress Me Much” – Shania Twain

Nasty lyric:

I've known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart/

But you've got being right down to an art/

You think you're a genius; you drive me up the wall/

You're a regular original, a know-it-all

“Who Says” – Selena Gomez & The Scene

Nasty lyric:

You made me insecure/

Told me I wasn't good enough/

But who are you to judge/

When you're a diamond in the rough/

I'm sure you got some things/

You'd like to change about yourself/

But when it comes to me/

I wouldn't want to be anybody else

“BO$$” – Fifth Harmony

Nasty lyric:


That's me, I'm confident/

Don't want your compliments/

Use common sense

“Part Of Me” – Katy Perry

Nasty lyric:

Throw your sticks and your stones/

Throw your bombs and your blows/

But you’re not gonna break my soul/

This is the part of me/

That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no

“Independent Woman, Pt. 1” – Destiny’s Child

Nasty lyric:

Question: Tell me how you feel about this/

Try to control me, boy, you get dismissed/

Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills/

Always 50/50 in relationships

“***Flawless” – Beyoncé

Nasty lyric:

Momma taught me good home training/

My daddy taught me how to love my haters/

My sister told me I should speak my mind/

My man made me feel so God damn fine/

I'm flawless

“Feeling Myself” – Nicki Minaj

Nasty lyric:

I stopped the world/

Male or female, it make no difference/

I stop the world, world stop/

Carry on

“Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

Nasty lyric:

Like a small boat on the ocean/

Sending big waves into motion/

Like how a single word can make a heart open/

I might only have one match/

But I can make an explosion

“Run The World (Girls)” – Beyoncé

Nasty lyric:

Some of them men think they freak this/

Like we do, but no they don't/

Make your check, come at they neck/

Disrespect us, no they won't

“Grown Woman” – Beyoncé

Nasty lyric:

They love the way I walk/

'Cause I walk with a vengeance/

And they listen to me when I talk/

'Cause I ain't pretendin'/

It took a while, now I understand/

Just where I'm going/

I know the world and I know who I am/

It's 'bout time I show it

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