25 Lesser Known Love Songs For Your Valentine's Playlist
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25 Lesser Known Love Songs For Your Valentine's Playlist

Tired of the same old sappy love songs on the radio? Try these hidden gems instead!

25 Lesser Known Love Songs For Your Valentine's Playlist

Oh Valentine's Day, you polarizing little holiday. I completely understand how Valentine's Day is a consumer holiday where people feel obligated to show their love, but I absolutely adore it. That's really saying something considering I have been single my entire life. I don't know, there's just something about a day where it's not only accepted, but encouraged, to be as sappy as possible and to show love for the people in your life (best friends deserve love too!). It also helps that I'm a hopeless romantic who has a playlist of love songs specifically for Valentine's Day. The ones in this particular list are lesser known so that a whole crop of adorable songs get the recognition they deserve on this, and every, Valentine's Day.

25. This I Promise You- *NSYNC

I mean, it's *NSYNC. Any boy band singing a love song is bound to make girls everywhere swoon and this is one of the best.

24. All I Have to Give- Backstreet Boys

Cheesy 90s video aside, this song is adorable. Backstreet Boys are everything. "Does his friends get all your time" kills the English major in me, but at the very least AJ sings the correct grammar in concert.

23. Love Will Find a Way- Christina Aguilera

On the very back end of Christina's debut, this song is all but forgotten. Which is super unfortunate because it's an upbeat, danceable love song.

22. Always Be My Baby- David Cook

Okay, so technically this is Mariah Carey's and while I do love that song, David Cook's version from American Idol is one of my favorites ever. There's just something about it and it's a super underrated cover. The live version with the violins gives me chills.

21. Can't Help Falling in Love- Hailey Reinhart

Speaking of covers and American Idol, this is one of the prettiest versions of this Elvis song that I've ever heard. Hailey's voice goes so well with this song. Pair it with that adorable gum commercial with the guy drawing on the wrappers to propose and I'm a puddle.

20. Be My Baby- The Ronettes

An adorable song from a simpler era of music. This song never fails to make me smile.

19. Sea of Love- Cat Power

Another cover that happens to be very sweet. I prefer this slowed down version and Cat Power's voice pairs well with the song.

18. Anyone Else But You- Ellen Page and Michael Cera

Juno's soundtrack is stellar and this cover used in the last scene of the film is definitely a stand out. Ellen Page and Michael Cera are great together and with lines like "We sure are cute for two ugly people," it's hard not to like this song.

17. Old and Crazy- Bruno Mars and Esperanza Spalding

This song has such a golden oldies vibe even though it was released 2012. It's a quirky song asking if the singers will still be loved by their partners when they're old and life has gotten the better of them. Try not to smile while listening; it's pretty impossible.

16. I See the Light- Tangled

There is no way to have a Valentine's Day playlist without having at least one Disney love song. "I See the Light" is absolutely gorgeous. Frozen kind of swooped in and took over the new era of Disney Princesses, which left this beautiful song vastly underrated. Also, it helps that this scenes artwork and color palette is lovely.


I just found this song last week and I'm already in love. I'd melt if this were ever sung to me and the lead singer's voice is wonderful.

14. She is Love- Parachute

Such a simple love song that hasn't been heard much since the year it was released, but is too good not to be better known.

13. Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran

The other Ed Sheeran love song that happens to share a cd with "Thinking Out Loud." While "Thinking out Loud" is awesome, this criminally underrated song is, dare I say, my favorite of the two. With lyrics like "Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me. 'Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need," how can you not swoon?

12. Sway- The Perishers

This song happens to be in the background of one of my favorite television scenes, so I am a little biased in my love for it. Fortunately, it's worthy of being adored, because it's pretty great. The guy in the song is apologizing for messing up with his lover, so it's a more truthful love song than most, which makes it all the more relatable.

11. Speechless- The Veronicas

This song's quietness is part of what makes it so beautiful. It lends a vulnerability to the song that matches the lyrics.

10. You and Me- Plain White T's

No, not that "You and Me..." This "You and Me" is up tempo and describes all the ways the singer and his partner make a good pairing, including all the goofy habits they share.

9. My Love Will Never Stray- Noah ft. Amy Stroup

This song is for established couples who promise never to give up on loving each other, even through tougher times.

8. Northern Wind- City and Colour

This is a beautiful song about how the girl is the better half of the guy singing to her. Dallas Green's voice is super soothing.

7. The Only Exception- Paramore

It's definitely scary putting your heart on the line and this song describes the feeling of finally falling in love well. Nothing like telling someone they are your "only exception."

6. You Matter to Me- Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz

This is another song that is so quietly moving. It's the simplest form of saying you care for someone when you say "you matter to me" and I think the simplicity is why this song is so wonderful.

5. I Like You- Ben Rector

Like, "You Matter to Me," this song's message is pretty uncomplicated. Just by saying "I Like You," Ben Rector has created an adorable love song that says "life is not the mountaintops it's about the walking in between and I like you walking next to me."

4. I Was Made for Loving You- Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran

Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran's voices go so wonderfully together and this song is fantastic. Nothing like hearing the words "I was made for loving you."

3. Love is Easy- McFly

I'm a sucker for guys in matching suits, so this video definitely helps make this song all the cuter (If the video is a little confusing it's because they visually reference their career often). Video aside, this song tells the simple truth that being in love with the right person makes love feel easy.

2. Hesitate- Steve Moakler

With lyrics like "I've always been the kind to contemplate, but you like the kind who don't hesitate. So excuse me while I fall for you," how can you not have this song on a Valentine's Day playlist? Steve Moakler is criminally underrated and all of his love songs are great.

1. I Will Not Take My Love Away- Matt Wertz

This is yet another simple song stating that no matter what happens in life, the singer's love isn't going anywhere. I cannot describe how much I am in love with the quiet beauty of this song and it's unbelievable to me that this song isn't used in every wedding ever.

And as a bonus for any Valentine's Day cynics out there, a special song just for you:

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me- Hunter Hayes

This tongue in cheek song about the bitterness of being single is all of us at some point in our lives.

I hope this list has led to the discovery of some new favorite songs!

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