25 Drinks Of Christmas
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25 Drinks Of Christmas

For your next holiday party bring a little cheer with these yummy alcoholic drinks!


Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! For your next holiday party bring a little cheer with these yummy alcoholic drinks! These drinks will definitely get everyone drunk and in the Christmas spirit.

1. Peppermint Bark Mimosa

These Peppermint Bark Mimosas Bring The Holiday Cheer

This drink is great on Christmas morning or for your next holiday party. They are so easy to make— just trade out peach schnapps for peppermint schnapps and add some champagne and there you go!

2. White Christmas Margaritas

White Christmas Margarita Punch

If you are dreaming of snow this Christmas, look no further for your white Christmas. With a shot of tequila, this drink will warm you up as you play outside.

3. Drunk Jack Frosties

Drunk Jack Frosties

This chilling drink will get everyone on their feet at your next Christmas party.

4. Dirty Snowmen

"Dirty Snowmen" Are The Best Way To Spike Hot Cocoa This Winter

This has all the essentials: chocolate, ice cream, and booze. It is perfect for when you're decorating your tree.

5. The North Pole Cocktail

North Pole Vodka Cocktail recipe

With a hint of ginger and a lot of Kahlua, this drink will make you feel very merry.

6. Sugar Cookie Martini

Sugar Cookie Martini - Crazy for Crust

This simple drink puts sugar cookies in a glass—The adult sugar cookie.

7. Santa Hat Jell-o Shots

Santa Hat Jell-O Shots

Santa Clause is coming to town! A simple twist on a Jell-O shot to make them ready for Christmas.

8. Gingerbread Jell-O Shots

Gingerbread People Jello Shots!

Another version of the Jell-O shot to make your Christmas dinner more fun.

9. Merry Manhattan

Festive Spiced Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

The only thing better than the city during the holidays is this drink. The spiced ginger cinnamon syrup adds a festive kick to this drink.

10. Candy Cane Shooters

A Night Owl Blog

A couple of these marshmallow candy cane shots and your holiday will be a blur.

11. Jingle Juice

This "Christmas Jingle Juice" Has Three Bottles Of Wine AND Vodka In It

This drink will have you singing "Jingle Bells" in no time!

12. Rumchata Eggnog

Rumchata Eggnog Will Get You And Your Family LIT This Christmas

This drink will have you passed out way before Santa comes down the chimney.

13. Hot Toddies

Werther's Hot Toddies

This is a classic. Perfect to cuddle up in front of a fire with.

14. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum - Spicy Southern Kitchen

This buttery drink will keep you warm and full of rum.

15. Spicy Pomegranate Moscow Mule

Spicy Pomegranate Moscow Mule.

This jalapeno pomegranate drink guarantees to have you wrapped up like a present by the end of the night.

16. White Christmas Martini 

White Christmas Martini

This snowy sweet drink will have everyone singing Christmas carols at your next holiday party.

17. Reindeer Moscow Mule

Moscow Reindeer Cocktails - Freutcake

Warning: Don't feed to Santa's reindeer or they won't be able to fly on Christmas Eve.

18. Winter Sangria

Winter Sangria

This drink is chock full of festive fruits and even a little rosemary.

19. Raspberry Russian Cocktail

Raspberry Russian Cocktail

Simple but delicious! This drink can take some stress off of you when planning your holiday party with its easy five-ingredient recipe.

20. Santa Hat Martini

Santa Hat Martini - Pomegranate Martini - Oh My Creative

It is pomegranate season! This pomegranate martini is delicious and pretty.

21. Christmas Peppermint Shake Cocktail

Perfect Christmas Peppermint Shake Cocktail

This sweet drink is loaded with ice cream and will keep you jolly all holiday season.

22. Blackberry Ombre Sparklers 

Blackberry Ombre Sparklers

This champagne infused with blackberry syrup makes a beautiful drink.

23. Grinch Spritzer 

Grinch Spritzer | KrisCo Liquor

This lemon-lime cocktail will make any Grinch into a true believer!

24. Mistletoe Cocktail 

Mistletoe Cocktail for Christmas Entertaining

This drink will have you kissing under the mistletoe!

25. Water!

To cure your hangover, you will need this special year-round drink: water!

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