In honor of July 19, 2015 being the 20th anniversary of the movie "Clueless," what better way to celebrate than to reminisce on all of its amazing-ness? Although the movie may technically be a little before our time, it is without a doubt a timeless classic that made us all wishing we were Cher Horowitz. Although it's hard to imagine that anyone actually has the life that she had in the movie, we can't help but try and live vicariously through her.

We envied her totally amazing computer that picked out her outfits and her color-coordinated rotating closet.

And let's not forget her incredible collection of designer clothing.

She taught us to never settle for a first offer whether it be boys, clothes, or even grades.

She didn't need to settle for what she believed were lame high school boys. She was picky for a reason.

We could definitely relate to her boy problems, except maybe the one where she was crushing on a boy who was also into boys. But other than that we could totally relate to the whole unrequited love situation.

No matter how perfect she seemed, she still had her faults. And even though we all liked Christian, we never stopped rooting for Josh.

Her horrible driving may have made us feel a little better about ourselves.

She taught us everything we needed to know about flirting.

Her priorities may not have always been in check, but they sure made us laugh.

She never failed to point out what she believed was obvious.

She was totally gorgeous and knew it.

But still always liked to be reminded of it.

And most importantly, her and Josh's relationship made us believe in love, regardless of the fact that they were sort of step-siblings.

Thank you Cher and "Clueless" for teaching us so many important lessons, providing us with lots of laughter and for allowing us to be a part of a life that was totally different from ours.