The Best Places to Live in Houston according to Renters
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The Best Places to Live in Houston according to Renters

Living in Houston, Texas has its perks

2 bedroom apartment

Houston, the fourth-largest metro city of the United States, has a population of 2.3 million people and is located in Texas.

Living in Houston, Texas has its perks. It's a big city with plenty of opportunity and diversity. The people of Houston are amicable. But it can be difficult to find a place that you love and fits your budget. If you're looking for a new place to call home, we've got you covered. You can rent a studio or 2-bedroom apartment in areas like Downtown Houston, Midtown, Woodlands, Katy, Houston Heights, Nassau Bay, and Memorial.


The Woodlands is a luxurious and diverse neighborhood of Houston. Many of the homes in the area are more expensive, but they offer an elevated sense of privacy and security. The Woodlands has a spot on the list because it has been recognized for its outstanding schools and award-winning restaurants, cool cafes, bars, clubs, and art houses. Families might prefer The Woodlands because it is close to many great schools including The Woodland Hills School and with its diverse neighborhoods and high-end housing options, it is in a comfortable position to provide something for everyone.

Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is a district of Houston, Texas, United States. The district is near the north side of the downtown area.

Downtown Houston has many attractions for its residents and visitors alike. It hosts some of the most exclusive high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and museums.

The popular suburb is the largest business district of Houston and has some constructions from the ancient 19th century. The center of the historic district is Market Square. Downtown Houston is a popular shopping destination. It's home to one of the most upscale malls in the US. The Green Street complex has three blocks of retail, restaurants, bars, and hotels located, and the Galleria Houston is a shopping center located nearby.

The Main Street Square is situated across from Green Street and has a pavilion with fountains that are built around the Main Street Square Station.

Downtown Houston, also known as the Central Business District, is home to many of Houston's signature buildings and attractions—including Reliant Stadium, Minute Maid Park, and Union Station—as well as one of Texas's largest medical centers- St. Joseph Medical center.

Midtown Houston

Midtown, an area located west-southwest of Downtown and separated from Downtown by an elevated section of Interstate Highway I-45, is a mixed-use district made up of residential neighborhoods, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues.

Midtown started in the late 19th century as a residential neighborhood for wealthy Houstonians who wanted to live in the country but still commute to work Downtown. The construction of I-45 created a physical separation between Midtown and Downtown that remains today.

The Midtown Park is located at the convergence of Gray and Bagby. The Afro-American theater group - The Ensemble Theater has a studio located in the suburbs. Midtown is quite suitable as a residential area as you can get easy access to several public facilities like schools, Metro Rail Stations, Community Centers, Fire Station, Airports, Police Station, Library, Harris County Hospitals, and Other Health Facilities.

Houston Heights, also known as "The Heights", is a northwestern-central community located in Houston. The South Texas Land Company established Streets, parks, hospitals, and public utilities in 1891, and people shifted here since they wanted to live in a less-crowded city. This area is one of the earliest and planned Texas communities, and up-voted by people as the best dwelling places in Texas.

You can easily find studios, condos or 2 bedroom apartments Houston, especially in these above-mentioned places.

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