16 Things I Wish I'd Known At 16
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16 Things I Wish I'd Known At 16

16 Things I Wish I'd Known At 16

1. Life doesn’t revolve around Twitter. The most insightful, funny, and quality conversations don’t need to be restricted to 140 characters or less. Deleting this app will be one of the best decisions of your high school career.

2. Your part-time job may not be how you want to spend your Sunday afternoons, the pay may be the bare minimum, and you may not get along with all of your coworkers, but your hours will become more flexible, you’ll get a raise, and you’ll also meet some great coworkers. Plus, you have some extra money saved up for college.

3. Watching Grey’s Anatomy absolutely does not qualify you to be surgeon. Also, doctors in real life are not that toned.

4. A driver’s license is the most exciting new freedom right now, but gas will also suck your wallet dry (carpool with friends AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE).

5. Brandy Melville shirts are overpriced, only trendy for about two seconds, and you will match basically every girl at your school– not worth your money.

6. How “cool” you are has nothing to do with how many people like your Instagram picture. Seriously, stop checking your notifications.

7. Sometimes, the strictest teachers are the best teachers. Timed quizzes in Chemistry will benefit you much more than the Friday Riddles in English.

8. Braces are both temporary and totally worth it. They’ll be off soon enough, so don’t feel embarrassed to smile with your teeth in pictures.

9. The grades you earn in school may or may not be accurate reflections of your learning. Make sure you know which is more important. And, for Godsake, quit stressing over your biology grade.

10. The best friends are the weirdest friends. Don’t settle.

11. Wearing Brandy Melville (See #5) and Converse does not make you “soft grunge.” Kendall and Kylie Jenner are not “soft grunge” either, by the way.

12. Résumés build themselves. Arbitrarily joining Key Club will do nothing for you or your résumé. Do what you enjoy, and the awards and accolades will come later.

13. Gossip Girl is not real life. You don’t live in Upper East Side Manhattan, you’re not Blair Waldorf, and Chuck Bass is fictional. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

14. You’re going to be admitted to your dream university, but don’t be afraid to turn it down for something better.

15. Your eyebrows look terrible. Pluck them, fill them in, I don’t care, just fix them.

16. Everything will turn out just fine. You got this, girl. Deep breaths.

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