16 Shows You Can Binge Watch When You're Bored This Summer
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16 Shows You Can Binge Watch When You're Bored This Summer

Netflix is life.

16 Shows You Can Binge Watch When You're Bored This Summer
Big Bang Theory

Though summer can be a fun three months filled with family, friends, vacations, internships and more it can also be some of the most boring times of your life. If you every find yourself with nothing to do this summer but watch a couple (hundred) episode of television then here are my sugestions for you.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has everything you could ask for from a middle age fantasy genre show; lords, ladies, knights, dragons, magic, and of course the occasional death of everyone you ever loved. Although you won't be able to find it on Netflix, if you have and HBO Go account, or a friends password then I suggest you start watching this six season long masterpiece.

2. Parks and Recreation

If you're looking for a feel good show to get you through the summer then look no further than Parks and Rec. This is the funnier version of The Office, its diverse group of personalities is sure to make you laugh and with seven seasons it'll take up plenty of your binge watching time.

3. 30 Rock

30 Rock is to Parks and Rec what Tina Fey is to Amy Poehler. Basically if you're watching one, you should watch the other because they belong together. This hilarious show will have you watching episode after episode in no time.

4. Scrubs

This show does a great job of taking you through every side of medicine, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. It is the perfect combination of humor and seriousness one would look for in your classic doctor sit com. However I would advise you just go ahead and skip the last season.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

If you need some drama in your life, and perhaps a good cry every once in a while, then look no further than Grey's Anatomy. A slightly moodier take on the life of doctors than Scrubs, this show is a non-stop shark jumping roller-coaster of emotions that anyone looking to watch 13 seasons of a show this summer needs in their lives.

6. iZombie

Though iZombie has only just finished its second season it is the perfect show for someone looking to take a short break from responsibility this summer. And this albino, Undead protagonist, Liv, is sure to claw her way into your heart as she eats brains and solves murders.

7. How to Get Away With Murder

If you want a show that is going to challenge your mind and make your head spin with one plot twist after the other, then this is the perfect show for you. If you hate lawyers then this show will either prove your point or change your mind. Either way it's worth the short amount of time it would take to binge watch the first two seasons of this show.

8. Quantico

Another plot twist-riddled ride, Quantico is a well written mystery and action packed show that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Since this show just finished its first season it's the perfect time to catch up and get pumped for the second season next fall.

9. Orange is the New Black

Like all Netflix original shows, Orange is the New Black was made to be binge watched over the course of a few days completely shut out from the world beyond your computer screen. With its large diverse cast of strong female characters there is something for the whole family to enjoy while watching this show.

10. Friends

Friends is one of the classic binge watchable shows. With ten seasons packed full of your favorite 6 besties it is a show you could binge watch summer after summer.

11. Scream Queens

While a show about the killing spree of a serial killer masked as a red devil may sound frightening do not be afraid. Scream Queens is a comically gruesome story which will surely continue to excite people for seasons to come. Unfortunately there is only one season to binge watch this summer but it is completely worth it.

12. Sherlock

A modern twist on the classic mystery novels, this new age Sherlock Holmes series will continuously keep viewers guessing how each new case will turn out. Be warned though, if you like this show you may have to wait your entire life to see a fifth season.

13. Supernatural

If you are interested in angels, demons, and other supernatural beings getting hunted and killed by two brothers then Supernatural is a great choice of shows for your upcoming summer binge. With 11 seasons and counting this show will never cease to get people excited about the supernatural.

14. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the perfect show for all the horror, gore, and zombie lovers out there. With an ever changing cast of both good guys and bad guys, the audience is never left wanting for death and carnage. It even has its own spin off series, Fear the Walking Dead , for all those who just can’t get enough. Just don't get too attached to any of your favorite characters, this is the zombie (or walker) apocalypse after all.

15. The 100

Speaking of, if you like to watch horrible things happen to the people you love, then The 100 is the show for you. When you send 100 young criminals back to earth to see if they could survive what's the worst thing that could happen? The 100 is set in an intense Sci Fi dystopian future that always keeps viewers on their toes with excitement.

16. Young and Hungry

Young and Hungry is like the adult version of a Disney channel show. It may have the drinking, sex, and responsibilities that Disney doesn’t but it does not lack any of the charm and happy go lucky attitudes of their characters. It is perfect for a light hearted laugh and a few days devoted to watching this show.

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