15 Best Kanye West Songs
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15 Best Kanye West Songs

There's no such thing as bad Kanye, so here's the Kanye Best.

15 Best Kanye West Songs

Whether or not you like Kanye West, it is hard to deny the impact that he has had on the music industry, and more specifically the hip hop genre as a whole. Here is my list of what I believe to be the best of the best based on how catchy and how clever they are. Enjoy!

15. Monster

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

Not only is Kanye a powerhouse in this song, but his features of Jay Z and Nicki Minaj truly give this song its legendary status.


"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

This song has such an infectious combination of lyrics and beat, it seemed for a time that it was inescapable. It was on everyone's playlists and even made its way into some commercials.

13. Murder to Excellence

"Watch the Throne"

In this collaborative effort with Jay Z, a masterpiece was created. This is one of those songs that after every line you are left breathless and need to hear it again. And again. And again.

12. Through the Wire

"The College Dropout"

This is Kanye's debut song as a hip hop artist. Referencing the car accident that left him with his jaw wired shut, Kanye takes us through a journey about his strength and talent as a rapper and how absolutely nothing is going to stop him from being the greatest.

11. Blood on the Leaves


This song literally never stops being powerful. Need ambition to go do an oral presentation? "Blood on the Leaves." Need motivation for the last mile of your workout? "Blood on the Leaves." Need to seek revenge on an ex? "Blood on the Leaves." Want to make a complex statement on the racism in our culture? "Blood on the Leaves."

10. Diamonds from Sierra Leone

"Late Registration"

The original song with Kanye is excellent as is, but add a verse from Jay Z in the remix? This song goes from an important social commentary on Kanye's part to an absolute hit with extremely well-crafted verses.

9. The New Workout Plan

"The College Dropout"

If you ever need inspiration to get off of your butt and go to the gym, listen to this song. It will convince you to lose 10 pounds, drink water, and twerk it out in a Zumba class.

8. Runaway

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

One of the most interesting things I've learned about Kanye, and more specifically the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" album in general is the amount of detail that went int the making of the album; from flying people to Hawaii to record, to not sleeping during the making of the album he truly gave it his all. This song in particular is the embodiment of the ornate production that is MBDTF.

7. Hey Mama

"Late Registration"

If you love your mom this song will make you cry. Guaranteed. Or you don't have a heart.

6. Last Call

"The College Dropout"

12:41 seconds of pure wordplay related genius. I dare you to listen to this and be bored.

5. Jesus Walks

"The College Dropout"

Kanye takes on social commentary, questioning why religion is so frowned upon in pop culture and does it all over the top of a captivating beat.

4. All Falls Down

"The College Dropout"

The album version of this song is good, but the live performance version of the song with Kanye and John Legend is even better. The raw truth within the verses is so good, it's poetry.

3. Homecoming


Ahhh, a classic love song. In this song, Kanye uses a complex extended metaphor to explain his relationship with his first love, the city of Chicago.

2. Otis

"Watch the Throne"

This is Kanye and Jay Z at their absolute finest. In addition to the song being one of the best ever made, the music video is so much fun to watch you basically feel like you're enjoying destroying a Maybach right along with them.

1. Gold Digger

"Late Registration"

I know from personal experience that whenever this song plays in a bar, in a car, or in a party everyone gets excited. Seriously even if you aren't a Kanye fan you can't deny that this song gets your heart rate up a little bit. Back in the day when it first came out, it even used to be my best friend's dad's ringtone. "Get down, girl, gone head get down..." Don't worry, Kanye, everyone is already on it.

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