14 Thoughts We All Have While Driving In The Snow
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14 Thoughts We All Have While Driving In The Snow

The Fast and The Furious: Snow Drift

14 Thoughts We All Have While Driving In The Snow

There is nothing better than waking up for a brand new day, pulling open the curtains, and realizing that it is a snow storm and you have places to be. You can't avoid it. It's life. It's winter. THIS IS SNOW DRIVING.

1. *Pulls out of driveway. "Hey! This isn't too bad!"

There's no traffic! The road is plowed! And the snow is really pretty! This is going to be a great driving experience!

2. That moment when you get onto the highway and it's actually not that great.

Okay! So just kidding! The roads lied! This is actually bad!

3. "So maybe I should just turn around, you know?"

If you just turn around you can go home to your nice warm bed!

4. "Nah! I bet a few miles up the road will be more clear! All these 4x4 trucks are doing just fine!"

When you are passing 4x4 trucks and you are the only sedan, there is a problem.

5. The snow literally feels like this.

The snow is literally hitting the windshield, you can't see through the wipers, and it fees like some low-budget Sci-Fi movie from the $1 bin of Kmart.

6. The light turns red and ABS kicks in and you don't think you are going to stop.

Hmmmmm. That felt like it could have been expensive.

7. "Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die in the snow going 5 mph!"


8. When you pass snow plows and they aren't even plowing but there is 6 inches of snow on the ground and you are trying to figure out what your tax dollars are actually funding.

So if my tax dollars fund the city and the city isn't plowing... then what exactly does my tax money fund?

9. *Watching a rear-wheel drive muscle car try to go through an intersection.

Sometimes we just have to root for each other! "Rock it back and forth! Put it in reverse, put it in drive!"

10. How it feels being unable to see the lane markings.

But still not hitting the car next to you takes skills.

11. Being a few miles away from your destination but traffic is stopped and you kinda just feel like walking the rest of the way.

But then again, you'd have to walk in the snow. BUT I CAN LITERALLY SEE THE PLACE I NEED TO BE.

12. Arriving at your destination and finding that the entrance and parking lot are not plowed yet.

So we are supposed to drift in here or what?

13. Just being excited to be alive after driving in snow, getting passed by trucks, and probably almost dying a few times.

We survived! We made it!

14. But then you remember that in a few hours you are going to have to leave... and that means driving in the snow. AGAIN.

*incoherently crying.

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