14 Things All Mount Students Should Know
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Student Life

14 Things All Mount Students Should Know

Do you agree with this list of what every Mount student should know?

14 Things All Mount Students Should Know
Alex Perlak

1. Bingo is a highly competitive "sport" on campus.

"There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o." Bingo isn’t just another activity on campus, it is a sport. Student Activities host a lot of events such as fear factor and a petting zoo, and the Student Senate plans Bonfire and Spring Weekend. But, the best part of each are the bingo sessions, where students get in for free and try to win awesome prizes such as gift cards, Keurigs, and TVs. Bingo at MSMC is highly competitive and at least 200 people show up for the major ones.

2. Joe, the security guard

A retired Marine and one of the best people that help you call MSMC "home". Joe is an amazing person and gets to know you throughout your college career. He cares about you like you care about him. Everyone at some point will go back to Sakac and visit him.

3. Who isn’t from Long Island?

Why bother asking where anyone is from anymore, the most popular answer you’re going to get is Long Island. More than 50 percent of all residents are from Long Island and the others dominate from Connecticut and New Jersey. However, you will spend at least one of your summer weeks on the Island!!

4. Your Instagram is filled with the same picture of the Hudson River

Mount Saint Mary is a beautiful college with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. During the first two weeks of freshman year, my Instagram exploded gaining over 70 likes per photo of the beautiful campus itself. There are many spots to take these pictures from, like either from the top of DC, a window from Sakac, or from the top of the Whittaker stairs. Whichever one you choose, it’s bound to get a lot of likes on your profile.

5. Never take a class with Dr. Cotter unless you have to.

Dr. Cotter is a great professor, no questions needed, and help build the college through the many years he taught here, but if you’re going for a 4.0 GPA and taking one of his classes, you’ll have to settle for a B+ in the class. His courses are a lot of work, but he is a very effective teacher nonetheless.

6. You and cab drivers are on a first name basis.

If you like to go out, you know who to call. You develop a relationship with your cab driver and even become friends. You hope that he or she is your driver to the next party.

7. Never pay three dollars for a cab.

Also, if you like to go out, you know not to pay more than two dollars for a group cab ride to a local destination. When the cab drivers ask for three dollars, you tell them no because ten people in one cab should only be $2 per person.

8. Knightlyfe

If you like to go out, or even if you don’t, you’ve probably been to at least one Knightlyfe gathering. Whether it be the Catalina Paint Party, Fishbowl night, or just a fun night, you have a lot of fun just hanging out with your peers and making [un]forgettable college memories.

9. You will always see someone in scrubs.

Wherever you are on campus, it is hard to miss someone in scrubs. Since nursing is one of the most popular majors, you’ll find scrubs in the view or walking around campus.

10. Gophers!!!!!

There is a lot of nature on campus. There are rabbits, birds, squirrels, and our unofficial mascot, the Gophers! They are very popular and when a Mount student sees one, the automatically smile. The gophers are very chill but don’t like company getting too close to them.

11. Quick Chek or Alexis Diner at 1am is a usual thing.

It isn’t uncommon to see one of your friends purchasing a slushie at Quik Chek, or ordering pancakes at Alexis Diner at two in the morning. This, and many other local spots such as Mary Jane’s and Target, attract a lot of Mount students who want to get off campus for an hour or two.

12. Beacon trips

If you have a car, you've probably made it Beacon by now. Beacon is the town across the river that has a lot of activities, such as hiking Mount Beacon and shopping on Main Street. There are many boutiques as well as food options. Grab a fresh donut in any style you want at Glazed Over, or choose an Ice Pop at Zora Dora’s. Whatever you choose, Beacon is a great way to spend time with your friends.

13. No one goes to open swim.

Although we get countless emails about open swim being closed, no one reads them because no one ever goes anyway. Only the swim team and a handful of other students take advantage of the swim hours while the rest of the campus stays dry in the gym and weight room.

14. You love your school.

The Mount is a beautiful campus that you will call home for your higher education careers. You learn to appreciate it and get the most out of your college career. Each year goes by very fast and soon enough you will not want to leave. Appreciate the campus and all of the opportunities it gives you. Also, Congratulations to the Class of 2017, you did it!
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