1. People just stare at you when you answer the "what are you majoring in?" question.

C'mon y'all. It's not complicated. It's relating. And publicly. It's literally just what it sounds like.

2. You have a strong opinion on the Oxford comma.

There is no in between. You either love it or hate it.

3. You understand the importance of and are a pro at networking.

"Hello, nice to meet you, you don't know this yet, but I'm your future employee."

4. You always know what's happening.

Local, state, national news? You know it all. Go you!

5. You internally cringe when a company screws up and then screws up worse by poor crisis management, but you also live for the drama of it all.

Please, let me help you, but also, I'm gonna go make some popcorn.

6. All you do anymore is write press releases.

All your papers end in "###"

7. Deadlines are not a suggestion. You live and die by deadlines.

11:59 means 11:59, homies.

8. AP style just comes naturally to you.

Sorry, Mom I understand that I'm texting you, but it's still in AP style.

9. You're generally a people person and are great at building and maintaining relationships.

If not, like me, you can fake it like the best of them.

10. Strategic hashtags give you life.


11. The lack of a deadline is somehow more stressful than when there is a deadline.

So.......I'm just supposed to like, do this whenever? That sounds fake, but okay.

12. Social media is your lifeblood.

*share* *share* *retweet* *share*

13. Coffee is your BFF.

As Ferris Bueller said, "Life moves pretty fast" but the PR world moves even faster somehow. Caffeine is the key to staying on top of your shiz.

Welcome to PR, ladies and gentlemen, it sucks. You're gonna love it!