13 Life Changes You Make Before Finals Week
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13 Life Changes You Make Before Finals Week


13 Life Changes You Make Before Finals Week

In the two or three weeks before the fateful hours of exam week, all college students tend to feel and look the same way. There isn’t much variation as we all gather together for one last push to the end.

1. Coffee has become a constant accessory

It’s the norm to make a cup at 10 p.m. to power yourself through.

2. Leggings/sweat pants/gym shorts

Regular pants and shorts have receded to the back of everyone’s closet; we need to be comfortable at all times.

3. No makeup

Most girls (and some guys, you never know) have stopped wearing makeup to class. I stopped about a month ago. Now, I notice that even the usually immaculate girls have abandoned their appearance in exchange for half an hour of sleep.

4. Constantly being tired

We all gripe about how tired we are all year, but we don't know what real exhaustion feels like until the final weeks where seven essays, four presentations and three tests are due in a week.

5. Everyone and everything is broke

You’ve just taken a habit of eating peanut butter off a spoon for dinner during late night study sessions.

6. Stressed to the max

Yay for stress acne!

7. Yet somehow, we also don't care either

We’re all in this strange overlap of being strung out by all the work we have, but also not caring if a couple curse words got thrown into a final draft essay.

8. We’re a little greasy

As gross as this is, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes we don't have time to take a proper shower. We all tend to look a little grimy towards the middle of the week.

9. We’ve become forgetful

“Where’s my phone?” I ask, while talking on the phone. (Not one of my proudest moments.)

10. Daydreams are a sweet escape

More and more, we daydream about the beach, or mountains or just laying in bed for a whole day.

11. Marathoning Netflix

Not that this isn’t already normal, but it seems to pick up right before dead week. It’s the fuel of the procrastination locomotive.

12. Chores have become optional

The dishes won’t hurt anyone if they stay there for a few more days.

13. There’s a countdown clock somewhere

Remembering we are near the end is the only thing that keeps us from breaking down with a gallon of ice cream in our laps.

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