12 Things You'll Miss When You Leave North Carolina
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12 Things You'll Miss When You Leave North Carolina

Cookout, BBQ and pocketbook galore.

12 Things You'll Miss When You Leave North Carolina
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North Carolina has much to offer-- mountains, the ocean, and an abundance of history. Everyone knows the term "everyone says they hate it here, but they never leave" and we all know certain people who fit this description perfectly. Many of us also know people who do break away and escape the town. This is for them. Here are 12 things you'll miss when you actually leave.


For many of us college students, Cookout is a part of our daily life. $6 for a tray of food and a milkshake? I have no complaints. Unfortunately not everywhere has the luxuries of Cookout -- and I promise, this will be one of the hardest things to leave behind.

Duke/ UNC rivalry

As irritating as it is to hear your neighbors screaming at their TV screen during every rivalry basketball game, oddly enough you will miss the quarrel when you move away and are the only person in BW3's yelling at the screen.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Outside of the Carolina's, people navigate NC by one of three areas: you are either from OBX, Raleigh, or the parkway. Regardless of location, everyone knows of these three areas, and will immediately tell you the parkway has the most beautiful mountains they've ever seen.

Southern BBQ

No matter the city, if you are in NC, you will not drive more than 10 miles without passing a BBQ joint. Most roads have two or three shops, and it's customary to jump between all of them to determine which has the most vinegar-based sauce.

Proximity to mountains and the beach

There are few places in the United States where you can easily reach both mountains and the beach in a matter of four hours. In Charlotte, you can do this in even less time. We have the best of both worlds, and it's hard to leave these luxuries.

Southern hospitality

Half of the restaurants have the words "home cooked" on the sign outside, and the other half has the word "beer."

"Southern hospitality"

On the flip side, there is also the snarky side of southern hospitality. As my mom says, people like to smile to your face then stab you in the back. Even though this may not be a trait you will particularly miss, it'll take a while to adjust to true hospitality when leaving.

Rednecks at Walmart

Need I say more? On a Friday night, you can drive by any Walmart and see a group of people with trucks, just hanging out. Before you leave the state-- especially if you do this-- make sure you realize that in most places, this isn't normal.

"Bless your heart"

This phrase is said daily by most NC women over the age of thirty. No matter if you do something nice, cruel, or silly, this is typically the response.

Public education

Though people like to poke fun at education in the south, NC actually has an excellent public university system. If you're thinking about moving away to escape your parents-- don't.

"Cut the --- off!"

When I moved to NC from Ohio, I had no idea what it meant to "cut" something off. I assumed they wanted me to literally cut something with a knife. I was stunned to find out that "cut" is interchangeable for the words "switch" or "turn." When you leave NC and continue to say that, trust me, you'll understand my initial frustration when no one cuts the lights off once you've asked.

Country slang

"I won't y'all to cut the daggum lights off!" If you grew up in the Carolina's, you have heard this. "Won't" is interchangeable for "want," "y'all" refers to any amount of people, and I genuinely have no idea where "daggum" stems from. But, there are few other places where you can say this sentence and find someone who understands the meaning.

You will probably miss the good and the bad. Just remember, you can come and go but you aren't leaving forever.

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