11 Ways To Style A Basic All Black Outfit Into An Unique Halloween Costume
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11 Ways To Style A Basic All Black Outfit Into An Unique Halloween Costume

For the girl that's the opposite of ~extra~.

11 Ways To Style A Basic All Black Outfit Into An Unique Halloween Costume

Each October, us girls are faced with a dreaded question: "what should I be for Halloween?" Personally, I have been asked this question at least 5 times within the past 10 minutes. It's hard to give advice on how someone should dress when you barley know what to do yourself. Year after year, I try to find the perfect costume; something cute and clever. Often, it takes me weeks to find one. However, this year I simply don't have the time or enough cares in the world as to what I will wear October 31st or for any Halloween related party, for that matter. If you are anything like me, meaning lazy, last-minute, and/or unwilling to buy a Halloween costume for every event this upcoming week, this article is definitely for you. My advice to you readers, and the 5 other people that will ask me the dreaded question within the next 10 minutes, is to keep it simple by wearing your go-to all black outfit (which we all already have) and style it in a "costume-esqe" way.

1. Wednesday Adams

How to style: A black high neck top, a black skirt, tights, black shoes (booties, oxfords, or flats) and of course a collar. You can buy a detachable collar, like this, from Amazon for just about 13 bucks.

Hair + make-up: Wear your hair in 2 classic braids with a middle part. As for make-up, keep it natural, but black lipstick is a MUST.

2. Holly Golightly from "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

How to style: Wear a black dress (preferably a midi-dress), stilettos, elbow-length gloves, sunglasses, a costume pearl necklace and a cigarette holder, which can be purchased from Party City for $4.99.

Hair + make-up: Tie your hair into a ballerina bun. Regarding make-up a gentle smoky-eye and a glossy lip will do.

3. Jigsaw from "The Saw"

How to style: Wear a white tank-top or button down (sorry, I guess this isn't really all black), a black blazer, black shorts, a red bow-tie (sorry again, not black), either black or white tights, and whichever shoes you may like will work.

Hair + make-up: Hair should have volume. Maybe even tease it, or brush it in an upwards direction, if you're feeling extra daring. As for make-up, white face paint with his signature red swirled cheeks, a contoured chin to give a puppet-look, bright red lipstick, and a dark dramatic smoky-eye.

4. Kanye's "Runaway" Album Cover

How to style: Wear a black bodysuit or camisole, a black tutu and a fake mustache. You can purchase an entire set of fake mustaches from Amazon for $7.99… and it's prime! If you're really feeling it, it would be pretty funny to carry around a wine glass too!

Hair + make-up: Ballerina bun (well, duh) and neutral make-up.

5. The Black Swan

How to style: More or less the same outfit you would wear as Kanye's Runaway Album Cover minus the mustache and wine glass.

Hair + make-up: Hair should be pulled back in a ballerina bun and you should accessorize with a crown. Regarding make-up, two words: highlight and contour. Well-defined cheek bones are essential for this costume. Add a dramatic smoky-eye and dark matte lipstick to give the look a little extra oomph.

6. Fallen Angel

How to style: A lacey black top (to add to the innocent yet erotic look of a fallen angel), black skinny jeans, a black halo and a pair of black wings.

Hair + make-up: Again, a dramatic dark smoky-eye is key. A fun thing to try out for this look could be a dark glittery lip-gloss, like this one by Kat Von D which can be purchased at Sephora for $22.

7. Hester Prynne from "The Scarlet Letter" / Olive from "Easy A"

How to style: Wear a black bustier, black skinny jeans, black sunglasses, black pumps, and of course, the infamous scarlet "A" upon your chest.

Hair + make-up: For the flirtiest look possible, opt for tightly curled hair. Otherwise, the rest of look should be more or less natural with minimal make-up.

8. Beyoncé in her “Single Ladies” music video

How to style: Wear a long-sleeved black body suit, a pair of nude tights, and black pumps.

Hair + make-up: Like in the music video, your hair should be styled in a half-up-half-down fashion. Make-up should be kept pretty simple. Perhaps a light smoky-eye but all else should be left pretty natural looking.

9. Sandy from "Grease"

How to style: Wear a black off the shoulder top, black disco pants (sold for $68 at American Apparel), red heels, a gold belt and a leather jacket (weather depending).

Hair + make-up: If you want to go the extra mile, you can shop for a short, blonde and curled wig like this one sold at Walmart for $17.99. Otherwise, you can curl your natural hair. And how can you forget Sandy's signature bright red lip?

10. Boxer

How to style: Gym clothes, the best clothes. More specifically, pair a black sports bra with either a black tennis skirt or black running shorts and sneakers. To give yourself more coverage and, to moreover complete the look, you can add a satin kimono which can be purchased on Amazon for just about $16.

Hair + make-up: You can French braid your hair to make the look edgier. French braids also seem to be all the craze lately, so why not? You can also practice your make-up artist skills and create a black eye using purple and dark blue eyeshadows and even a hint of red lipstick.

11. Kiss Band Member

How to style: The ideal combination would be a black crop top, a leather skirt, a pair of combat boots (bonus points if you have a pair with metal studs), a choker and some leather gloves.

Hair + make-up: Your hair should look totally crazy. One good technique to get a messy rocker look is teasing your hair, or brushing it in an upwards motion. To be as accurate as possible, you should imitate the band members make-up by wearing white face paint and drawing their signature designs on your face with black face paint. Band members also tended to opt for a bright red lip.

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