11 Things You Do When You're Moving
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11 Things You Do When You're Moving

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11 Things You Do When You're Moving

As a college student who had spent the past nineteen years living in the same house his entire life the idea of moving somewhere new seemed somewhat strange and daunting. As the end of my second semester of the sophomore year quickly approached my mom called to inform me that our house which had been on the market for a few years had been sold. After finals week, I headed home to what most college students consider summer break where they hang out with their friends, go to the beach, sleep in and get to relax. However, this was nothing close to what my first week of summer break was and consisted of endless hours moving and adjusting to a new place. Here are eleven things that I, and most people who have ever moved, went through during the time that was moving out of your old home.

1. Question Why You Have So Much Stuff


"Would it be bad if we just left some of this for the new owners? I mean do we really need to keep all nine boxes of Christmas decorations?"

*Drowns in a sea of never ending boxes.*

2. Debate Whether To Hire Movers Or Do It Yourself

"I mean yeah hiring movers costs money but then we won't have to lug everything back and forth between our new and old house. Come on we just got all this money from selling our house... WE CAN AFFORD IT."

3. Condense, Condense, Condense

"Oh my God I should be on that show Hoarders and help people organize their homes. I can teach others my way of fitting your entire bedroom set into two boxes."

4. Have Way Too Many Garage Sales

*Patiently awaits for the strange people who always show up to garage sales to arrive.*

5. Rent The Wrong Size Moving Van

"Guess we are taking twice as many trips as we thought... Great."

6. Bribe Your Family/Friends With Food To Come Help You Move

"There are freshly baked muffins waiting for you guys in the new house, however the door doesn't open unless you're carrying something from the old house."

7. Pack Things You Still Need

*Screams because you can't find anything that you need.*

8. Throw A Moving Out Party


9. Say Goodbye To Your House

You're either an emotional wreck or overwhelmed with joy as you leave for your last time.

10. Begin The Endless Process Of Moving Into Your New House

"WAIT... So you're telling me we're only halfway done with this whole thing?"

11. Meet Your New Neighbors

"Howdy neighbor! How are you? Hope you have the next three hours of your life free so we can tell you all about ourselves."

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