11 Things You Can't Forget To Do This Fall
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11 Things You Can't Forget To Do This Fall

All things Fall, all in one place!

11 Things You Can't Forget To Do This Fall

Who doesn't love Fall? The crisp air, beautiful trees, cozy clothing, and, let's not forget, pumpkin everything. But, let's be honest, there's always a side of you that feels like you've done all-things-Fall about a thousand times. So if you need another bucket list to make sure you make the most of this Fall, again, here's 11 things you should include in your agenda.

1. Make a date to visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

I mean, what's Fall without a trip through a corn maze? You voluntarily choose to get yourself lost in a humongous field of corn. And you get to pick your own cute, palm-sized pumpkin to take home. What's not to love?

2. Pumpkin carving.

OK, so you may not be the most artsy person you know, but have no fear! A quick trip to the store and you can pick out whatever design you want to carve on your pumpkin. They even give you step by step instructions for you to tape the picture on the pumpkin. You can totally cheat. And now your pumpkin looks so fetch. Too bad all the people you share your photo with on social media won't be fooled. Nice try, though.

3. Jump into a pile of leaves.

So the actual raking part may not be the most fun, but when you make a 5-foot tall pile to jump into, forcing you to run to the shed and grab the ladder just so you can be able to dive in the middle, it makes for a great time. And you've now gotten closer to having your yard clear. Total win-win.

4. Go for a hayride.

Grab your hoodies, gloves and beanies, and let's go on an adventure! Nothing like having a little hay in your jeans and boots while being pulled behind a very loud, smoggy tractor to make for a good time. Don't worry, you'll have lots of people sitting across from you that you get to have awkward staring contests with. You may even get lucky enough to get frostbite on the tips of your phalanges and nose by the time you get back to your car.

5. Set up a bonfire.

Unless you were a girl scout as a kid, good luck getting that thing started. Or just use an entire bottle of fire starter fuel like my husband. Works like a charm... for about 5 minutes. And you can't forget about the s'mores! Nothing like a marshmallow on fire to reign in the season.

6. Cozy up with a movie and warm apple cider.

If you're anything like me, you've already bought the store's entire shelf of apple cider. It only comes once a year right? Better take advantage while you can. That way, when you get home you can stick the whole gallon in the microwave. No need to dirty up a cup. And you might as well watch all the Halloween movies on Netflix before they disappear. Yes, married people Netflix and chill too.

7. Bake--with pumpkin everything!

First, go to the store. Next, raid shelves for canned pumpkin. Then, slide card for $56.09 at the register. Finally, get your sweet, selfish self home and get to baking, sister! Time is wasting! Don't worry about your bank account, your taste buds will thank you later.

8. Decorate your home.

Your house needs to be Fall overload. Make crafts and hang them up. Everywhere. String leaves around your doorways, place sparkly pumpkins on all your coffee and end tables, get out your fall kitchen towels and placemats, put mums and hay bales on your front porch. Oh, and you can't forget about the smells. Get out the wax melts and plug-ins and overload your senses in every room. Your house needs to be exploding with all things Fall!

9. Drive around town and look at all the lovely trees.

It's just like Christmas! Except people don't have to make an effort to put on a display. Luckily, they only have to try to make an impression once a year. But, hey, at least the trees are super beautiful. Nothing like taking a peaceful drive down the road full of dying leaves to make for a romantic date.

10. 3 words: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Are you even a white girl if you haven't already had at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks? What? You haven't purchased one yet? What's wrong with you? OK, but don't forget, when you do wait in line for 40 minutes just to buy your one coffee, you have to post it on social media so everyone knows you finally got one. And it has to be a venti. And it has to get at least 50 likes.

11. Scarves and boots and sweaters, oh my!

Whoo hoo, it's time to get out the Fall and Winter clothes! Bring on the 16 scarves, 4 pairs of boots and endless amount of sweaters that have been in hiding for the past 7 months. Opening up all the boxes of endless possibilities that is one's Fall clothing, it brings feelings of warmth and comfort. Literally. Except, they may have been sharing their space with moth balls, so wash that stuff before trying them on again. And may your clothes from last season still be trendy and fit your body, and to all a good night.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Fall. I cannot tell you enough how cozy, yet unashamed I am by wearing my oversized sweater for the third time this week and buying out the entire store's supply of apple cider. I just hope you're as honest with yourself as I am about Fall, and hopefully this made you laugh a little.

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