11 Things Retail Workers Want You To Know
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11 Things Retail Workers Want You To Know

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11 Things Retail Workers Want You To Know
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According to the Wall Street Journal, roughly one of every 10 Americans is employed in the retail sector. That being said, you more than likely know at least one retail worker. Whether it is leaving your carts around the store or not flushing the toilet, these are 11 things retail workers want you to know to make our time together the best it can be.


First and foremost, if an item does not scan or doesn’t have a tag it does not mean it is free! If we had a dollar for every time we heard the phrase "oh, it didn't scan so it must be free" then we wouldn't need our retail job. We will either type the item number in manually, look up the item in the system, or call someone for a price check. It is never free.

2. Premature Swipers

Please, please, please do not try and swipe your card before we are ready for it, let alone when you swipe before we are even done ringing up your items. It just leads to you swiping multiple times and us having to awkwardly tell you to swipe again, trying to avoid your obviously annoyed looks. Either the cashier will let you know when to swipe or the machine will.

3. Damaged items

If you find an item that is beyond repair, please bring it to the front or make an associate aware, especially if you caused the damage. On another note, if the bottom of a shoe is slightly dirty because of ware from different customers trying them on, please do not request a discount. Chances are it is just going to get dirtier. Unless it is a legitimate issue and you still want that item, do not ask for a discount on something that will take five minutes and a drop of glue to fix.

4. Have common courtesy

Clean up after yourselves and don't leave unwanted items on the floor or at the register. We don’t appreciate having to stay an extra hour just to clean up other people's messes. It takes 2 seconds to put a shirt back on a hanger or a pair of shoes on the rack. You wouldn't want to clean up our messes so why have us clean up yours.

5. Store policy

Getting mad at the employees about the store's policy is very uncalled for. We cannot change policy and neither can the managers. We are trained to follow policy so getting mad at us just makes everything more complicated. We can't help it if you didn't come to pick up your layaway by the time specified on your receipt so it got put back in stock. We can't help if we can't return something because you lost your receipt and didn't leave a phone number. It's policy.

6. Don't steal!

This one should be common sense, but for a select few, it's not. Clothes and shoes have sensors on them, there are detectors around the doors that trigger those sensors, and there are cameras. This should also go without saying but if we catch you, don't give us attitude and blame us for your poor life decisions. You got yourself into that situation so you can deal with the consequences. Also included is switching tags on the merchandise since you are trying to get something for a lesser price. A tag that says a blue shirt on a pair of camo cargo pants is a signal that something is wrong.

7. Don't assume

We aren't mind readers. We won't know what you need unless you ask, preferably nicely. Also, don't get upset if we don't know the answer to your question or where to find what you are looking for. We don't know everything or our stock like it's our name. Please be courteous.

8. Multitaskin

If your phone is more important than me doing my job then please step to the side. Plain and simple, being on your phone while we are trying to help you is rude, unless it is for a legitimate reason. It is sometimes hard to tell if you are speaking to us or the person you are on the phone with, let alone having to repeat ourselves because you were too busy on your phone. We are trying to help you. Your phone can wait.

9. We're not a playground

Its one thing to test a toy to see if it works but it is an entirely different circumstance when you, your child, your friends, etc. start playing a full on game of soccer in the middle of the store. We are a business not a park. If you want to play or scream like a banshee, go outside or to a park. This isn't the time or place for that so please take it somewhere else. Also included is riding on the carts or the scooters reserved for the disabled. Leave them for the people who actually need them.

10. Bras are not wallets

There are these magical things known as wallets that carry your money, cards, change and anything else you need. I'm just going to come right out and say it. Ladies, your bras are not wallets. The last thing a cashier like me wants to touch is soggy, sweaty, warm boob money. It is very unsanitary and just plain gross. I am begging you, please carry a wallet or purse or at the very least, wear pants with pockets.

11. Be a decent human being

Last but certainly not least, be a decent human being. Saying please and thank you goes a very long way. Especially when we constantly have to deal with the type of people mentioned earlier in the list, a simple, "have a good day" can brighten our mood as well as yours. Being a decent human being also includes not judging the employees. Whether we have piercings and tattoos, wear a rainbow lanyard, or our appearance does not fit your standards, does not mean we can't do our jobs correctly. It's one thing to ignore that employee and seek help from someone else but it's a different situation when you say something about it and put that person down. Don't judge a book by its cover. Just please don't do it.

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