Everyone has always told me that I am so much like my mom, and that my mom and I are attached at the hip. Although that might be true, no one really knows that my dad and I are just as attached at the hip as me and my mom.

My dad is my right-hand man and always will be.

1. He is my go-to Sunday football buddy.

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Watching Sunday football is a must in my family — well, for me and my dad at least. My little sister and mom could care less about who's playing who and at what time. My dad and I are always on the couch with snacks, ready for the Giants kickoff and to see who wins and who loses.

2. He taught me how to drive.


Trust me when I say that it took two years for me to get my license. From the moment that I got my permit, it took me two years to master driving. I give major props to my father for teaching me how to drive — and for actually getting in the car with me, even though I probably almost killed him every time.

3. He's my go-to handyman.

Sidney Ambrogio

There have been plenty of times when I needed my dad to fix something or put something together. When I moved into college, his first and only job was to move my furniture around, put together my furniture and fix the furniture that was damaged. He's my muscles when mine aren't strong enough.

4. My car troubles are his car troubles.

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When I have my dad's car, there is an 80-percent chance that I will call him with a question. "Dad, the check engine light is on." "Dad, how do I open the gas tank?" "Dad, what kind of gas does your car take?" "Dad. can I have the guy pump my gas for me?"

And even when I get my own car, he will still have to answer my calls about the check engine light being on and what type of gas my car should take.

5. He sends me memes. 


There are days when I am just in a funk, and he will send me a meme through iPhone gifs and completely brighten up my day. My dad has a sense of humor that only he and I understand, and we'll laugh for days about it.

6. He knows my coffee order by heart.

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Every Saturday and Sunday, I wake up and open the fridge to find a medium iced latte with whole milk and sugar (no caramel) from Dunkin Donuts. My dad knows that it is always the weather for an iced latte, and it brightens my day when I wake up with Dunkin Donuts and breakfast ready for me.

7. We can have serious conversations about our country without getting butthurt.

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With all the political conflict going on in our country at this time, we always make time to sit at the kitchen counter and talk about the crazy world that we live in. Even if our opinions clash, we never walk away upset. We always leave trying to understand the other's thoughts.

8. Our common love for "Law and Order: SVU" and "Chicago"


Every Wednesday — and now Thursday — we hunker down for two to three hours and watch all the "Law and Order: SVU" and "Chicago" that we can handle.

One of our bonds comes from our mutual love for Detective Benson and Sargent Hank Voight.

9. His AWFUL dad jokes always make me laugh.


My dad might be worse at telling dad jokes than President Obama, but they always make me laugh. My dad is notorious for telling my sister and me dad jokes while we're cooking dinner, on the way to practice or just eating breakfast.

And the funny part is that he thinks he is so funny — when, in fact, the jokes are just so stupid. But it's the stupidity within the jokes that makes me love them.

10. My dad is the ultimate cheer-and-dance dad.

Sidney Ambrogio

My dad is the carpooling, drop-off cheer-and-dance dad that all the moms wish they could marry. My mom got lucky with such an amazing husband, who loves driving an hour to take my little sister to cheer basically every day. He sits in the gym and records her, so that she can watch it and work on her mistakes.

Every dance show I've had — aside from a few, when my sister had cheer competitions and my parents split up for the day — he was front and center recording them for me, even though we did the same six or so dances every time.

11. My dad is and always will be my best friend.

Sidney Ambrogio

I may put my dad through a lot of stress, but he will always be my main man, my go-to, my buddy and, most importantly, my best friend. I love him no matter what. He will always be my hero, and it will be that way forever and always.