11 Things That Drive Your Artist Friends Crazy
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11 Things That Drive Your Artist Friends Crazy

Buy our art, ask us questions, and support local artists, but for the love of god, don't say these.

11 Things That Drive Your Artist Friends Crazy

We all have someone we know who is more creative than others. The girl sitting in class drawing in a sketchbook instead of taking notes. The boy who carries around a drawing tablet like his life depends on it. We're dedicated to our craft. While others spend time throwing around a football or blaring away at an instrument, we were hunched over in our bedrooms, trying to perfect a realistic hand.

However, our passion often leads to annoying questions, even from those we love. Here are the top things your artists friends hate when you say:

1. "Wow...you're great at art! I wish I was as good as you. You're SO lucky!"

Uh...actually I worked really hard to make art like this. Like, every day, for years and years. I didn't give up after I hate my first couple of pieces. I kept working, and eventually got better.

2. "Can you design a tattoo for me?"

I'm sorry, have you ever heard of a tattoo artist? Y'know, the word "artist," is in their job description for a reason. Trust your tattoo artist to come up with an amazing design, and it'll come out amazing.

3. "Can you design something for a project/assignment/business idea?"

Whenever someone asks me this, I feel very taken advantage of. I don't work my butt off to be good just to do you favors.

4. "That's nice, but next time, you should do XYZ..."

Wow, I had no idea that you were my art teacher! Congrats on the new position! Actually, if I'm showing you something that I worked really hard on, why would you feel the need to push suggestions on me? Criticism is worth less when its not requested.

5. "Can you make me XYZ?"

This goes back to the whole, "don't take advantage of your artist friends," thing. We're not here to produce cool paintings and drawings at your request. There's a huge difference between getting a gift from an artist, and begging for stuff from your friends.

6. "That's a lot for charge for art, if it's your passion, shouldn't you not care if you make money off of it?"

There's a thing called breaking even, my friends. I can't do that if I'm vastly undercharging people. I need to charge enough money to at least pay for my supplies, and the time it took to make it (usually hours and hours.)

7. "Can't you just give it to me for free? It'd be a nice gift!"


Nope, not happening. Maybe if I was making something for you as a gift because I love you, then it would be a nice gift, but not if you act like a dick about it.

8. "It'd be a lot of exposure. Lots of people would see your art for free! In fact, you should be paying me!"

Seriously, don't do this to your friends. I can't pay my bills with exposure. I can't eat exposure. I CAN'T BUY MORE ART SUPPLIES WITH EXPOSURE.

9. "I really like Starry Night. Can you paint Starry Night? And what's with Mona Lisa?"

Buddy, I like to paint, I'm not an art history expert. But congrats, you can name two of the most famous paintings of all times.

10."Can I look through your sketchbook?"

Most of the stuff in my sketchbook are half-assed doodles or ideas that I have. None of them are finished, and I certainly don't want your judgement on them.

11. "When are you going to draw me?"

It's just not cute. Sorry.

So give your artist friends some love and buy a few of their pieces, or share pictures of their art on social media, but don't kid yourself into thinking that treating them like a free art machine is a compliment.

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